[RELEASED] AS33 18 meter glider, freeware on flightsim.to | Madolo+B21

I probably should have created a thread on here when the AS33 was first built. However it has just been updated to version 1.62 with improvements particularly for multiplayer plus a pilot-adjustable adverse yaw implementation.

Available on flightsim.to here.



AS33 Updated to 1.73

  • Multiplayer animations include engine extract and ballast dump
  • Flight model improvements to pitch stability, elevator authority, positive flaps modelling.
  • Sound updates wind, flaps, winch
  • Nav Panel updates incl. scrollable task page for long tasks.

Same download link AS 33 Me » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Is it possible to switch off the pilot model? I’m seeing the back of his sunglasss and hat etc from the normal view now. Cheers!

Yes press red button on the stick (as far as I remember)

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Thanks I’ll try that. Another issue - seems since SU11 (maybe) there is something causing my frame rate to drop massively in this glider once airborne. It starts off OK but then drops to less than half my usual FPS.

Discus and the new Asosbo “LS” ones are OK in the same location / time of day etc.

the only FPS issue I’m aware of on the AS33 and the LS4 is launching from GRASS. That hits the CPU and is manageable if you have a high-end cpu but can seriously affect you if not.

Best advice is simply don’t launch from grass strips on the LS4 and AS33, or just slew into the air if you do.

(We’ve really tried to track down the problem, it’s something to do with the grass colliding with something in the model, but we can’t find what)


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Thanks for the reply :wink:

Yes I was going from grass and using the motor to get up. Trying out some of the new glider ports in the update. This flight was from LILC Calcinate Del Pesce - Italy

(Stonkingly beautiful area btw!)

So you mean even after you leave the grass in this situation, the CPU can’t recover? As you described it, it was fine until I started moving come to think of it.

I do not have a good CPU but usually locked at 48fps (am now 40-48 in same place with the Discus). But I was down to 18 or so in the AS. Not pleasant :frowning:

Yes every time you take off or land on grass some fps are unrecoverably eaten - I fly in VR so it was very quickly spotted.
But taking off and landing on asphalt runway works like a charm.
It is not a bug in gliders programming (i removed almost all javascript and it still happened) it is something about 3d model handling in Asobo engine.

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yup - I have that as a MSFS bug, TBH, but even so we should be able to find out what the grass is colliding with in our AS33 and LS4 models so we don’t trigger that issue. The crazy thing is the obvious candidate would be the “environment excluder” mesh in the 3D model that just goes mental trying to calculate the collisions with each blade of the wheat-field-sized grass that seems to be planted on every airport, but even when we remove that excluder material the CPU hit still occurs. I’ve even tried removing the pilot model in case it’s his ■■■ that’s causing the issue, but nope.

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That’s a weird one! You’d have thought once the collisions stop happening, the calculations would also stop and processor could calm down. Definitely a core bug.

Could it be the wheel? Wing front edges? Some lights or tiny part of the model having exaggerated effect?

I’m sure you tried all that already but you never know, sometimes helps to have afresh angle to look from :wink:

Have you tried asking Asobo guys? They usually check on those things and help developers solve these kind of issues :wink:

good suggestion - I spend half my life on the msfs ‘devsupport’ forums (the other half is reading Asobo html/js and template code :slight_smile: ) & I assume you mean there.

Hi all,

What am I doing wrong?

(1) About a week ago I successfully installed SU11 (40th Anniversary) along with its accompanying “DG-1001E Neo” glider, which was easy to control once I had set all of the glider’s CONTROLS to my JOYSTICK ASSIGNMENTS (e.g. i ASSIGNED the yellow “TOW RELEASE” control in the DG-1001E glider to my JOYSTICK BUTTON 6 which is set to “TOW PLANE/WINCH RELEASE”).

(2) Then a couple days ago I installed the latest version of the Madolo / B21 “AS-33me” glider (i.e. AS33_MadoloB21_1.7.3.J).

(3) HOWEVER, when I pulled back on my “JOYSTICK BUTTON 6” (i.e. “TOW PLANE/WINCH RELEASE”) – IT DID NOT WORK! (NOTE: Originally, prior to SU11, I had my “JOYSTICK BUTTON 6” set to “TOGGLE RECOGNITION LIGHTS” which worked like a charm (thanks to Ian).

What am I missing?

Any help would is greatly appreciated.


why don’t you set it (or a different button) back to toggle recognition lights? As far as I know, there’s been no change in the AS33 to adjust it’s bindings…

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Actually i was considering doing that as a workaround (i.e. setting my yellow “tow release” control back to “toggle recognition lights”); however, i didn’t want to have to keep changing the control back totow plane/winch releaseevery time i want to fly one of the stock msfs “su11” gliders such as the “dg-1001e neo” or the “ls8-18”.
Good suggestion, though….if i wanted to fly just the “AS-33me” glider all the time.

then create a different profile and just swap profile… that’s what profiles are for :slight_smile:

Remember though, there was no standard here, and there was not a control called “tow release” until the sim included it, so an existing plane’s controls are what they are, until such time as someone like B21 comes along and retrofits it - but that then breaks the experience for those people who didn’t just change the mapping!

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Why not set it to both events simulaneously?

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I’m working on updates to my gliders so they take advantage of the small details added in SU11. Mostly this is just the launch and ballast user input events so not exactly major, but I have some other small improvements I want to make anyway.

For the launch I can probably swap to the new SU11 control settings input and let existing pilots suck it up and change their settings. For the ballast it’s a bit more complicated because the current AS33 design (hijacking the unused nav, beacon and landing lights controls inputs) gets communicated across MULTIPLAYER so other players see you dumping ballast. The new MSFS ballast control is only local to your own sim :frowning: so at best I’ll need to blend these methods. Seeing other pilots in multiplayer dumping their ballast as they burn towards the finish is pretty important.

Also the ballast in the AS33 is currently implemented as ‘payload’ stations which are adjusted as the ballast is dumped, which works like a boss but the MSFS “weight and balance” UI doesn’t understand it at all. With a bit of luck the new native support for water ballast will be less of a hack.


Omg, come on, file a bug report about it, why you should waste your time walking around bad implementation, when yours is superior, fixing it by Asobo would make it easier for all further gliders.

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation auspoundy. I appreciate it. I will simply create a different profile then just swap profiles.

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