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Astro ONE | Official Announcement

Here at Got Friends, we like to keep things exciting, fresh, and dynamic! We have taken on some game-changing add-ons in the past, introducing features and aircraft that simmers never thought was possible. Today’s announcement is no exception. Introducing the Astro ONE! This personal racing drone is heavily inspired by the prototype Jetson ONE. When we first embarked on this project, we knew we had to implement features never before seen in a flight simulator. I am happy to announce that those features are implemented and this one-of-a-kind aircraft is on it’s way to the public as our next release!

Current List of Features:

  • Fully Custom Physics Engine, Flight Model, and Electrical System built outside of Asobo’s limitations. This is coding-based and does not require WASMs or any external applications.

  • Terrain Tracking and Fly-By-Wire Flying. Enjoy a near hands-free experience as your drop into canyons, follow the beaten path, and stroll over lakes in this unique ground detection safety mode. We have also included an axis in which you can adjust your LIDAR’s Safety Altitude on-the-fly.

  • Sports Mode and Dynamic Boosting! Do you feel the need for speed? All safety features are turned off and maximum power is supplied to your motors for a fast, thrilling, limitless experience.

  • Hover Mode will allow you to stop all momentum, center your aircraft, and prepare for landing whenever you need to. Just activate the mode, take your hands off the controls and let your automated system take full control.

  • Additional Features: Propeller Guard Extension Kits, Swappable Plexiglass Shell, Emissive Liveries, Removable Mirrors, Rotor-Tip Lights, Foldable Arms, and Rechargeable Batteries… All with Persistence!

But Wait, There’s More!

We have partnered once again with Emerald Scenery Design to bring you one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Your jaw will be on the floor as you question yourself, “Is this really Microsoft Flight Simulator?” Yes it is and you do not want to take last place in this race. Introducing Astro Corsa, located in Moab, Utah… a perfect place to introduce a new era of fast-paced racing.

Hope you all are as excited as we are! We are currently in Beta and will be announcing more details as they come! The Astro ONE is planned to release on PC & Xbox!


Wow! Can’t wait for it.


This thing is going to be litttt with friends & pumping synthwave in the background. Cannot wait to see this on twitch streams. Will make for steller content.


This looks awesome! Nice work guys, day one purchase for sure


Looks like fun.


Looks about perfect for XBox.


That looks amazing! Thank you for thinking outside of the box. Now, how about a cargo/bush plane based on the Optica!


Cela s’appelle repousser les limites de la simulation aérienne… Grandiose !

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Friends has brought pod racing to MSFS -
This sim is a perfect test bed for new aircraft and concepts and I sure hope we see more
Of this.


Whoa, another amazing work from Got Friends!!! Always ahead of the curve, now with terrain-tracking LIDAR? Whaaat???


Did some races tonight, had tons of fun with this baby.

Managed to get some tricks done as well, barrel roll, 360 flat spin, some front and backflips… it’s awesome.


This looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to fly it!

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Preview vid looks like Far Cry Blood Dragon. LOL (Music and neon!)

BTW, I wanted to get a real Jetson ONE, but I’m too heavy. :expressionless:

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Blood Dragon !!! Ha, the cross over we didn’t know we needed.

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. . .but the one we deserve! :joy:

Beta Race testing


INCREDIBLE finally someone is doing the most exciting and sophisticated manned drone!! (or will we call this airplane type “common standard helicopter” in ten years?)


But it is called “Jetson 1” not Astro :smiley: a licensing problem maybe?

This personal racing drone is heavily inspired by the prototype Jetson ONE.” From the announcement in this thread. It was an intentional choice to not model the actual Jetson, probably a combination of licensing and wanting to go beyond what the actual Jetson ONE can do today.

Precisely. We wanted to modify a good deal to the design to add some more sporty elements like custom race crossbar, RGB motor mounts, automated servo based arm extension/retraction, custom flight controls for throttle and stick, glowing neon liveries as well as do fully custom digital flight instrumentation with modes that better reflects our race focused vision. Even the flight model was written by GG from scratch since MSFS didnt support drone-like rotrocraft. It’s compleately independant of Asobo’s simulation, and also native / compatible with Xbox. This also circumvents licensing just as most AAA developers would do vehicles (Cars, Planes, Boats) inspired by real world designs, but modified to better suit a digital simulated environment (i.e Rockstar’s vehicles in GTA)

In doing so, it gives the team the freedom to craft something we know would resonate with the community as an experience rather than a straight shoot on a project on a real world design. Jetson is still mid development so going ‘by the book’ is a challenge as resources / info on it are still scarce. Consider this the opposite to the Wilga where everything on that was by the book, showcasing great detail and accuracy, and this is a return to GotFriends creative expression, pushing the bounds on what we can make MSFS can do.


Good job, I have followed the evolution of the Jetson ONE since its first prototype, incredible that it can now be in MSFS and enjoy it in VR.
Thank you very much for being able to enjoy these models.