[released] FSReborn FSR500

Available on MSFS Marketplace.

Holy moly :yum:


Watched this on the TTM stream. Day one buy for me.


Yup, take my money. Any mention on when that M500 will be ready (maybe I missed it in the video)

Like most of the really good developers, he only says it will be ready when it’s ready. It’s being beta tested now and he’s still trying to cram more features in. It will be spectacular.

No point in rushing it, even if people are clamouring for it. Those same people would be the first to complain when they find something isn’t working properly.


And a very sensible approach too imo.

Much better to spend time and effort producing the best product you can than releasing an early bug ridden product. Besides which, a reputation built on quality products will generate future dividends. Look at A2A, Milviz and PMDG.

I don’t buy many AC now (far too many unused planes in my hangar) but if this is as good as I am hoping then I think it will be a 'buy".

Respect to the dev :slightly_smiling_face:

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One nice side effect of planes that have had this much effort thrown into them is to show what is actually possible in the SDK.

If another dev. states that such and such isn’t possible currently, then you say “Well they did it”.

Just look at the G1000 customisation for example, showing rudder, aileron, and elevator trim positions.

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Yes I agree.

I love to see devs (or anybody really) push the boundaries and try to do things which haven’t been done before. For me, the devs which come to mind here are A2A, Milviz (Cessna 310) and FSReborn but there are no doubt others too.

To be completely fair, Microsoft and Asobo are also part of this ‘club’ too in that FS20 was a generation leap above the other Civ sims (imo) when it launched despite a lot of rough edges.


I loved twotonemurphy’s reaction to the bird strike…genuine surprise and joy. I was laughing along with them :joy:. This is going to be great. Much respect to Raul!

2023 is going to be the year of single-engine turboprops. SWS PC-12, FSR Meridian, plus Black Square has his analog TBM850 on the horizon as well.


It would be amazing if every company would take the time and care they he does! Well done!


Very nice! Can’t wait!

Saw the YT yesterday with TwoTone and developer. This one will be GREAT! And its a Piper too! Day 1 purchase for me too. Wondering what the passengers will look like. I loved the ability to mess up the pillows. Nice & funny touch.

I can’t believe how little attention this plane is getting. It’s going to be a game changer that blows everyone away.


This looks really amazing - very much looking forward to getting it!

I wouldn’t read too much into that. Once it releases, it’ll get all the attention it deserves.

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In what ways do you think it’ll be a game changer?

The fact it basically includes GSX with cars and fuel trucks and passengers driving right up to your plane. And the built in action cameras when you close doors or start the engine. Or the simulated bird strikes in areas of the world with real world NOTAMs about bird activity.

Not to mention the custom coded turboprop simulation and hundreds of failures that are possible across the whole aircraft. It’s going to rival A2A in quality.


Thanks. I’m as psyched as you are BTW, just wanted your perspective.

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I am also very much looking forward to the M500. But whether it will actually be a game changer, we’ll have to wait and see. In terms of realistic flight dynamics, the bar is now very high.

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Based on the Sting S4 and what Raul has been saying in Discord, we won’t have to worry about Flight dynamics.

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