[Released] Hondajet for MSFS

I may be mis remembering, but this can happen with incompatible liveries.
It definitely happened to me with either the Honda Jet or the Vision jet, but not in sim now and I can’t recall, to the point where it could even have been the TBM. :roll_eyes:
So my small unwieldy advice is to try other liveries.

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THAT was no unwieldy advice. You were right. I tried a different livery and all systems came up. Thank you.

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Anyone having problems with “backup” attitude indicator. Mine stays blank. Comes on when I pan the view with right mouse button held down and then goes blank again when right button is released.

Dude please help me. I can’t find how to turn on synthetic vision, I’ve been trying for so long. Where did you find it?!?

I can’t figure out how to turn on synthetic vision on the g3000 in the Hondajet. Can someone please help me finally figure it out??

gimme a second, ill boot up the sim and find the setting

If you’re responding to me, thank you so much…

@slkdefnm2 , on your PFD, select PFD Settings → Attitude Overlays (First one) → Synthetic Terrain.
hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it. Man, thank you so much. I was landing in full IMC with no synth vision, needless to say it got a little frustrating hahaha.

It’s in the soft buttons under the PFD, but I can’t remember the exact path. I’ll try to remember to look for it when I get home tonight.

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Under the PFD, tap the PFD Settings button, then the Attitude Overlays button on the far left. You’ll see the synthetic terrain option after that, along with the horizon heading option.

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Thank you! I had been looking on the touchscreens under the G3000.

Hey yall, one more HA420 and G3000 question:

When I am flying an RNAV approach, I hit Activate Approach and the computer will correctly fly me down to the final waypoint on the approach but then the plane levels out at that final waypoint’s altitude. It will continue to follow runway heading, but wont descend further down to close to runway level.

I have minimums set at decision height, but still the computer wont fly me down to that level.

Not sure if this is a glitch, or if I have something configured incorrectly in the FMS.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you pressing the approach key when you are on final? It should show GP (GlidePath), which is also known as Ground Pound, since it will fly you straight into the ground unless you eventually kill the autopilot and flare manually.

Yes. The approach activates and the plane intercepts and follows the glide slope down to the final approach waypoint (in this case 4200ft) the decision height is supposed to be 2900ft, so I set my minimums for 2900ft but the plane still won’t descend past 4200ft unless I take it off auto pilot.

Are you sure this is the button you are pressing? It should not be even possible until you are already at the final approach fix anyway.

“Activate Approach” in the flight plan is NOT the same as doing this, and happens earlier in the process. There is no such thing as a glide slope in an RNAV approach. The glide path is a simulated glide slope that uses something other than a ground radio beam (something like GPS or baro altimeter readings) to make your plane descend at a 3 degree angle to the runway. this is indicated when you see “GP” in the flight mode annunciator.

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Oh ok, thank you for clarifying that! I didn’t know the APR button was different from the “activate approach button.” When I get home to the sim, i’ll try that out.

Also, yes I know there isn’t technically a glide slope in an RNAV approach like there is in a localizer approach, I was using the terms interchangeably.

So at what point should I hit the APR button? When I’m about to hit the last waypoint on the approach?

There should be a visible bug that looks like a VNAV deviation indicator on the right hand tape. Once this shows up you should be able to arm APR. In absence of this (and I do find it to be a bit wonky in MSFS) I would arm it at the final approach fix.

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As a rule of thumb, I set Approach mode on an autopilot after I have left the last enroute fix/waypoint on the descent, and am inbound to the first fix/waypoint on the approach, meaning where I have flight planned to join the approach. Many autopilot systems want you to be within 30 degrees or so with respect to the final approach course (or in the case of an RNAV approach the course of the approach segment that you are joining) to activate approach mode. All this means is that some autopilots will not allow any sharp turns between the enroute segment you are flying and the approach segment you are joining, so perhaps fight plan accordingly to make a smooth transition from enroute/descent to approach.

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