[Released] Hondajet for MSFS

Disclaimer: I am NOT the dev for this, I believe @MarwanGH7929 is (at least the discord username and these match).
Just thought I’d spread the word for them, as they’ve been posting on the WT discord and I thought some more exposure for them would be good as so far, from the screenshots it looks like payware-quality work.

This is an upcoming, work in progress Hondajet for MSFS. According to the dev it will probably be freeware to avoid licensing issues with Honda (they are like Gulfstream, they enjoy swinging the lawyer hammer to sim representations as I recall).
Uses the WT G3000 as IRL, with custom fuel, lighting and engine pages. Compatible with default and WT G3000 alike. Custom pages exist as another physical pane in the 3D model so no conflicts.
Pics (not my pics, just taken from the already public Working Title discord channel):

And again, I am not the dev, just spreading the word. Personally I am quite excited to have another business jet.


OOOoooooooh… Looking forward to this one.



That does look very nice, do you have a link to the specific server they’re posting in?

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Really looking forward to this.


Yeah, it’s the Working Title one. #media channel

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Too bad they couldn’t get some licensing rights from Honda. This definitely looks payware level to me.

  1. Licensing is expensive and if Honda wants something in the development, you have to do it. It’s pretty restrictive with certain companies
  2. Licensing is hard to get. The only 3rd party sim companies that have official manufacturer licensing is maybe PMDG and a couple JustFlight products. It’s rare to see it, even Carenado has no licensing from the manufacturers (Mooney, Piper) for its products.

The term ‘payware level’ doesn’t mean much… ( see CS 777)
Let’s wait for some early adapter reviews about this Hondajet.


Yeah, I have high hopes but time will tell as it does for most things…

I’ll be one of those! If it’s free, I’ll be one of the first in line for this one! I live less than five miles from their factory, so I see them flying over my apartment on final to 23L every now and then, and the current VP for Strategy of Jet It was a friend of mine back in college a few years ago.

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How is Carenado able to sell products with branding without a license?

Notice how they never use the brand - it never says CESSNA 182T or PIPER Seneca. It always says CARENADO Seneca, etc… That’s how.


I am not sure they would actually get away with that if either company takes legal action. It would be hard for Carenado to claim it is not a Piper or Mooney aircraft.
They even use the logo on the yoke. It might be just to avoid like issues with the brand name itself instead of the product (airplane).


Good guess!
Thank you for your interest in the project and I’m glad you’ve liked the previews enough to post this thread.

Just wanted to clarify that I am not affiliated with working title, I was only posting on their discord as an end user troubleshooting some compatibility issues with the WT integration to make sure it works out of the box for the Honda, and inadvertently announced the aircraft in the process while showing the gauges working…
I then got a bit excited and shared some more general previews when I saw the lovely interest on the discord servers.

as they say , it is better to under promise and over deliver than it is to over promise and under deliver.

I will be monitoring the topic here to attend to any questions with regards to the project.

The grand intent of the project is a final product that:

  • Looks appealing and representative of the HA420
  • flies within the expected performance figures.
  • decent level of system interactions

Looks very nice.Wishing the Dev all the best.I’ll be watching!!


I’m watching with interest, looking good so far.
A PC24 would be nice as well.


I do remember the Freeware HondaJet from FSX times. And that one was amazing too. You could change the lights, Blinds, tables, chairs in the Cabin. And it had a great cockpit.

@MarwanGH7929 I know I’ve asked you on the WT Discord if the doors open. It is an Amazing project you have and you have accomplished great things so far from what I can tell!
Apart from the systems and the Model, it might add to the immersion if the Sun shades in the Cockpit are working. With MSFS the Sun can get pretty annoying at FL430😉 any plans on havin animations for different things in the Cockpit an cabin?


That looks excellent!

Hopefully the WT Team will update the G3000 to support CAS messages for jets.

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Because they are based in Santiago, Chile. Where copyright laws are nil and obviously not enforced.

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Agreed! I’d LOVE to see that! The YouTube videos of them landing at the grass strip in Tasmania… oh man!