Why not the "other" business jets?

Those Dassault 3 holers look very funny, like a cartoon plane. Why did they go with three instead of two (more efficient) powerful tfans? Just curious.

With trijet configuration they have a bit more safety in hot and high conditions. It also provides more routings on long, over-water legs.


Oh ok, the ETOPS thing? I didn’t think of that. Thanks!

Precisely why back in the day they made the 727, DC10 etc to get around the (then) restrictive twin engine rules.

Its a real shame the Aerion is no more, would have been a great jet.

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The third engine allows for more direct routings since being a trijet it does not have to adhere to ETOPS rules. Specially for long over water flights like over the vast Pacific or Polar routes.

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Some of you may already know, but there IS a HondaJet in the works right now, a labor of love done by just one guy! (And a small army of helpers and testers, myself among them).

Also noticed someone posted about the PC-24, well, that’s coming too! (Although one might worry about the “recreational” wording used).

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Globals : Xpress, XRS, 5000 - 5500,6000 -6500, 7000-7500

Challenger 350.

Did I mention my affinity for Globals in the sim?


I with you - I just wanted something with a Vision cockpit. I’m somewhat familiar with them…

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Just want a Beech Starship … unmitigated disaster … but so so prurty …

A global 6000 was started and featured in several sites back in May. But they (pj simulations) disappeared rather quickly.


I hold on to the slim glimmer of hope that given that there is a CRJ (Bombardier product) that there potentially could be a Global or Challenger one day. If the limitation is manufacturer trademark, or whatever…

True, but I’m still trying to determine what’s better, going over the top, or going down under.

The CRJ is not a Bombadier product in 2021 …

There’s still always Embraer jets

If I were a marketing manager with an aircraft company I would be
eager to place my airplanes into the sim.
I couldn’t imagine any better way to introduce my planes.

bye, walter

If your trying to sell a 20 million dollar business jet as an exclusive sophisticated very high class product to multi millionaires and the CEOs of international corporations, having YouTube videos everywhere of 15 year olds flying your product upside down through the Eiffel Tower and scud running at traffic light height through the streets of Manhattan may not necessarily be the best publicity.


Aerion sure would have been an interesting jet.Almost a hybrid rocket /jet .Didn’t know it was no more.Just like the Concorde then I guess

If they ever introduce the Falcon,maybe it would be nice to give the option for 2 or 3 engines.
Like how they gave the option water /land plane for 1 of the smaller planes.

Yet, they become the future pilots and customers !
Planes will be developed more and more “around the joystick”,
means software and virtual flying.
No progress without these techniques !
bye ,walter.

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I know we’ll never get a Gulfstream, but man…the new G700 would be a dream come true!