RELEASED! Just Flight Bae146 "the Little Jumbojet" April 29th

I loved the FSX version so of course
this will be a day one instabuy!


I have never hesitated purchasing an aircraft add-on from JustFlight and as long as the visual quality and performance quality keep holding hands and walking next to each other I never will :laughing: :wink:


I’m confused on the FMS offering. MSFS doesn’t have a default airliner FMS like Xplane or p3d. Unless they plan on using the WT garmin offerings. Which would probably be the best case actually.

Why’s it have to use a stock FMS?

Follow the entirety of Martyn’s test flight via all three updates from this week. They are all live now.

Some shots from the various updates for your delectation.



Looks phenomenal! Are you far enough along to be able to estimate a release quarter? Maybe even a month?

Bullishly aiming for April. The dev team are confident that can happen. No guarantees of course but that’s what we’re working towards.


Could I request a livery already on the 300 series? The FAAM aircraft, G-LUXE :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pictures here: G-LUXE/GLUXE aviation photos on JetPhotos

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I mentioned G-LUXE over on the JF forums a few months back. She’s had a great history too.

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I don’t remember in Xplane having justflight having developed a custom FMS. I’m not sure that’s their specialty. I don’t know about p3d.

The 146 is mostly manual, the FMS was very basic. The ARJ had a more comprehensive FMC, but less fun to fly. Just flight only modelled the 146.

So when I’ve seen Nortmar online in a C-17…presumably that was a 146 masquerading as it’s big big brother?


Really excited for this one. Read through the recent updates… looks fantastic. Very cool.

It’s an MSFS Just Flight plane … quality speaks for itself.


I thought I had read the RJ was planned to follow the 146, did I dream it?!

Presumably, as I don’t have a C-17 here, as much as I’d like one!

Martyn - Just Flight

Yes, the RJ is coming after the 146.

Martyn - Just Flight


Martyn, if you don’t mind my asking. With regards to the sequence of events in handing my money over to you :grinning: (it’s oke! I don’t need it!), is the Fokker-release linked to the Bae, or is it a completely different product timeline for you?

It was announced earlier of course but it seems the Bae is advancing quite a lot quicker. As I love both, I don’t mind at all. Just curious about the sequence of releases.

At heart, I am a GA man. Specifically, I hate the fiddling and faffing with the FMC. Always have done and always will do until I can use one on a touchscreen, so…

Will the Cockroach, as it used to be known by some crews (slow, ugly and never far from the ground and don’t worry, I love it) be able to be flight planned from an external GTN750? The facility to do this would make it easier for old fools like me to fly as an option without recourse to the FMC. Failing that, I could see me going back to VOR to VOR as a day to day solution.

PS Chalk me up for an instant purchase.


Fantastic news, can’t wait to do Cityjet RJ ops at London City, spent many a happy hour photographing those.

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