[RELEASED] Lake Skipper | Freeware | Got Friends

Lake Skipper | Official Freeware Release!

Go download now and get your adrenaline pumping!

Official Release Trailer:


What a nice surprise for a Friday morning!

So much fun! Thank you for the gift!

And fun to skip around with the creators at Victoria Falls!


BIG SHOUTOUT TO @Jeppeson2001

His Victoria Falls Scenery Today was an Unforgettable Experience for the entire release event. What an amazing place to fly the Lake Skipper.

Support Jeppeson2001: Jeppeson2001 » Victoria Falls Scenery Package - Animated Falls & Rapids, 4 Bush Strips, 30 Helipads » Microsoft Flight Simulator

And try it out yourself!

Any chance of one of these … :rofl:

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This thing is a ton of fun

Man, I would even pay to have this on Xbox :star_struck:


Oh my goodness, this baby is fun! Will be fun trying how well she performs in a serious sea-state, hehe.

A quick question: am I right in assuming that the payload warning and the CG warning can “safely” be ignored given that this is a surface effect beastie? Or is that a bug in the one I downloaded? Should I re-download it?

Safely be ignored :slight_smile:

The CG will shift depending on your altitude, speed, and ground effect stability. It’s fully custom and we hope the community likes this implementation. The CG Warning is in effect, a nice nod to the user that you’re doing a little too much :smiley:

But when has some CG troubles stopped anyone in the Lake Skipper from having a good time? :slight_smile:


Well, it’s certainly not keeping this particular Lake Skipper skipper from having a good time! You call yourself a skipper when driving one of these beasties, right?

Thanks so much for the shoutout guys! Is there any link to the release event so I can watch it back if possible? Thanks again for the support & congratulations on the Lake Skipper release! Such a fun and exhilarating craft. :grinning:


1 Hour and 23 Minutes @Jeppeson2001


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Charge us Xboxers. Like $3.

Really guys, you make the weirdest planes and whatnot. And I love weird.


Where in the trailer is the part where Luke appears via the Force and takes out the super AT-ATs? :smile:

Also, is this based on a real world craft, or did you guys just make it up? I think I’d be even more impressed if it’s an original…

They have wrote on their discord channel that the Lake Skipper was heavily inspired by the FlyNano.

I’ve been tootling around in this for a couple of hours and it is great fun indeed! What a great surprise.

It’s superb how you can feel it coming into ground effect if you come back down from “too high”, and it’s so easy to chuck about at some crazy angles and get away with it.

I was gutted I missed the Victoria Falls event so I went there on my own and flew (sailed?) back west up the river - some really hard and tight turns as you get near the main falls but it’s so cool diving up the small rapid ‘steps’. Must admit my confidence was TOO HIGH for the Skipper at some of the hairpins and I ended up on my roof a few times after smashing into the rocks, but I was approaching at 95kts! All good fun!

It’s probably the most “thrilling” thing I’ve flown since Jet Pack Guy (JW1 by Touching Cloud). Got Friends keep on delivering quality machine after machine - and this for Free is extremely generous. Now, seriously, get some sleep guys!! :smiley: :sleeping_bed: :zzz:

And yes, put it on xbox for $30… I mean $3! Ideal craft to fly with Joypad!

I hope we get some race series going with this thing :wink:


Me as well. I would like to thank Got Friends for the moments of sheer unadulterated joy that I experienced this morning skimming the Connecticut River for miles. I was laughing out loud and I have to say that this machine is the most fun I have had since I flew the Mini 500 last night. You folks are really top notch and you sure know how to deliver the fun. Just amazing work to bring this smile sled to life.


Don’t assume that this fun little ship is confined to lakes and waterways.

I’ve just had a terrifically enjoyable flight taking my Skipper across Scotland from Loch Lomond, above the Vale of Leven in the west to Loch Leven, next to the Lomond Hills in the east - Scotland is in the vanguard of recycling when it comes to place names.

The countryside I flew over was rolling with a mixture of fields and forest: the Skipper will fly over forest but she doesn’t like being above tree height. Don’t expect to go mountain climbing - it’s likely to end badly; but she’ll cope quite well with slopes, especially if you’re in ground effect.

Beware of low trees. High trees have hit boxes that are lower than they are, but I have a strong suspicion that the opposite is true of low trees.

Dual carriageways can provide useful routes, but the challenge is to find a path with as many open fields as possible for flight in ground effect, especially as most of the time you can only see a short distance in front of you.

A great little aircraft - made me glad I gave GotFriends $15 + tax for the mini 500 at the same time as I picked this up.

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Nice report!

I’ve spent more time over land than over waterways so far. Like you say, you have to pick your path and be alert but that is the thrill. Luckily we can’t really injure ourselves or die, else I wouldn’t be writing this now :slight_smile:

I just wish there were more starting points in water. I’ve been either starting in the air (which I hate doing) or cheating and Slewing to nearby water to start (which is far from elegant).

Haha that’s funny :rofl:

Good that you grabbed the Heli at the same time. You’ll enjoy that too! Still blown away they can give this away for free but I know their history is of high quality freeware (how they got into the position of being able to charge for the premium offerings) and drawing attention to their other products has some justification. Plus keeping in touch with their roots.

Absolutely love this team. My favourite devs! Everything they make is pure fun first - but realistic, polished, original and feature-rich as well.

@GF: After you wake up from that sleep… what’s NEXT for us, huh?! :wink:


Between seaplanes, bush planes and helicopters it’s past time we had the ability to place hot and /or cold starts anywhere we want be it land or water.

Especially (to keep this post vaguely relevant to GotFriends) if we’re flying the Wilga!