Released: MD-80

How is the sound? Does it get laud when you move towards the back? Does it have wingflex?

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I find that weird. And honestly i think this probably is because you perhaps enjoy the plane type and workflow and it’s quircks more. As quality wise as a module the MD-82 is not even close i’d say?

This i can relate to as it is very much a fun plane to operate just very much lacking in mainly sound and visuals.

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Standart sound is not really the best. Especially the engine sounds. But I just modded the TSS Soundpack into it and know I feel comfortable with engine sounds. Rest is top notch.


From a technical standpoint, the MD82 is not on the PMDG or Fenix level when it comes to sound and graphics.
The only technical aspect where the MD82 is better than PMDG/Fenix is performance/fps.

However, what makes this plane so great for me is that it oozes atmosphere and it is more fun to hand fly than any of the other planes in my opinion.

A flight in the MD82 feels fun & challenging while a flight in the A320 feels more routine/sterile.

I’m aware this is all very subjective and surely different for everybody.


K at FTSim+ (Patreon) has an excellent sound-set for the MD-82 that has a couple of options, in terms of whether you like to have louder sounds in the cockpit (not realistic, but I prefer w/loudness) or not, and his set is “position specific”. So, if you like to sit as a passenger in the back rows, it’s very nice! :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps for the replies regarding me getting the MD80.
Going to definitely mull it over and see what comes out over the next few months especially regarding the F28 etc…
I heard or read something about mouse interactions or the lack of mouse operations…?
What was that regarding? Guessing nobs and what not are scrollable etc

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You can left click and right click knobs/switches, scroll wheel is also working

The only knob that is different is the altitude select knob, to get 100’s of feet instead of thousands, you need to press your tab key while mousing.

Think there might be another right click on mouse or something, but in VR, that right click does zoom, but tab works fine in VR.

cannot find this option… and bolumetric strobes ( inside clouds / fog ) un wingview?

I just purchased, solely to relive the glory days of YX. have you found a livery for it?

Been flying this again recently. Actually gotten better at landing it surprisingly. Despite its issues as an addon which are well documented, it is nevertheless an absolute pleasure to fly overall.