[RELEASED] Miltech Simulations CH47D


Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight as we proudly present the legendary CH47D helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator!. Get ready to take on loads onboard the most iconic heavy-lift helicopter.

The CH47D will be by far our most detailed product (3D modeling - both internally and externally). Initially, the -D version will be released (analog cockpit), but glass cockpit variant, as well as passenger transport variant are planned.

Release scheduled for End of 2023. More details to come!


THAT is cool… I am not really a helicopter dude, but I may be interested in this. Good call to announce this the day MScenery dropped theirs on the market. That should do quite a bit to discourage folk from picking up rubbish.


I love the Chinook. A couple of them fly directly over me every now and then - the sound is very distinctive, you really need to get that right.


Love it. Great to see that you are thinking ahead as far as modules that will be able to take advantage of the interactive activities offered by 2024. This one will be fun!

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Awesome news! After the 2024 announcement, i was hoping Asobo would do this officially as it would be perfect for vast amounts of diverse missions but I’ll take a decent Chinook any which way.

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This is great news I have been waiting for this to come to MSFS since day 1 of MSFS.
I hope this has full L & H var support for end user hardware like the FXS one did.

This was my most flown aircraft in FSX.


Announced on the day that mscenery release what is no doubt a cash in, awful version of this iconic craft.
Very much looking forward to this one


Fantastic news! This is what I’ve been wanting since day one of the sim and good to see a quality developer taking it on. Well done chaps!

(I’m completely ignoring the fact that the con merchants mscenerery have released one… I dread to think how bad it is)


LikedHare should get way more likes for this awesome announcement! :wink:

The Chinook and the Hokum are truly uniqué and interesting helicopters. And already absolute classics.
Plus I was waiting for someone to make a Chinook and an MH-53 Pave Low!

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The legendary and iconic CH-47 Tandem rotors. The sheer power and efficiency they provide have made the Chinook a workhorse in the world of heavy-lift helicopters!

Whether it’s transporting troops and cargo, conducting combat missions, or aiding in disaster relief operations, the Chinook and its rotors have consistently proven their mettle. They have become synonymous with reliability, adaptability, and resilience.


It’s time for another Chinook update. Cockpit texturing improvements and detailing are ongoing. All basic systems and flight model are now completed and functional.

Showing here the completed cyclic and collective models.

More info on the Chinook, as well as an exciting new product announcement coming soon.


How’s work going on one of the most important features of this beast? The sounds!

The best sounding heli of all time imo. I sure hope we get the soundset it deserves :wink:

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That one is in fact the main challenge with developing the Chinook. We don’t have access to record sounds in person and therefore must figure it out with whatever it’s available online for us to use (and that can be licensed for commercial use).

No details on sounds just yet as we are still figuring it out :wink:


Well good luck!

Oh wow these detail screenshots are AWESOME!!!

Fine you have convinced me to test a few helicopters in DCS now :smiley: there is also a Chinook announced and going to be released some day.
I think I am going to buy the Chinook module for both simulators just like I will do with the HeatBlur F-14 when it´s getting released for MSFS.

The Chinook is one of the most iconic helicopters ever made. Absolute awesome that you create one! The detail shots are very very promising. So many details in the rotor head a pure joy to look at :slight_smile:

I have lots of internal chinook sounds that I can happily share with you. Please DM me. Former Helicopter Handling Instructor with many hours flown in the Chinook. All in .WAV format.


Thanks for reaching out - just sent you a DM

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I hope it has a full working cockpit and you will supply a list of LVAR’s, HVAR’s etc that you use so users with SPAD.neXt etc can map switch’s and other controls etc.

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This looks really nice. Please include a spanish army livery because we have all the FAMET helicopter bases but very few military helicopters to be used there :laughing: