[RELEASED] Miltech Simulations CH47D

CH47D Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

We are happy to announce that our upcoming CH47D for MSFS is now officially in Alpha stage. This means that all systems, sounds, flight model, 3D model and textures have been completed. We are now moving forward with detailing, improvements and “special features” - such as loaded cargo, detailing of the cargo bay, liveries, etc. Find here a sneakpeek of the external model base textures, with all the riveting done.

We do not have a release date for the Chinook - it may take up to a month and a half before Beta is out - that’s about 2.5 months to release.


That’s a lot of rivets!! :laughing:

I’m sure you missed some :stuck_out_tongue:

Really looking forward to this one :+1:

Could be a great Christmas gift :star_struck: Really looking forward to bigger helicopters, should feel slightly different compared to a Cabri G2 :joy:

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Awesome work. Can’t wait.

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Can’t wait, I been needing this in FSE.

We are having a new dev update very soon :slight_smile:


As a 47F PI, I can’t wait to see how this handles compared to the real deal. Especially if you’ve integrated DAFCS and differential collective pitch. I would be extremely happy to do a review of it from my perspective.

CH-46 along with the MV-22 would make for the perfect line up, especially with your maritime assets!

Hopefully in the future we’ll see the phrog in the skies again, doesn’t get enough love, but in the meantime, looking forward to the CH-47!

Hopefully an update soon :slight_smile:


Planned for sometime in the future as it shares multiple systems with the Chinook.


Awesome stuff, keep up the great work!


It’s time for another project update! We have been busy doing the last few touches to the 3D & Texturing work, as well as working on some of the “special features” - that we are now ready to announce.

:small_blue_diamond: As promised, the CH47D will feature a fully detailed interior, exterior and cargo bay. Here’s a sample of the final texturing detail - everything has been modeled and textured to the highest level of detail and sharpness possible. This level of quality and sharpness is consistent throughout.

:small_blue_diamond: Cargo Loading capabilities: The CH47D includes fully modeled cargo loading capabilities, both in the inner cargo bay, as well as sling loaded in the exterior. Users will be able to load Humvees, Rhibs, Pallets, Troops, UAV Containers, and even a Blackhawk helicopter. Fully animated paratroopers are another thing we are currently considering to implement.

:small_blue_diamond: Systems: Our CH47D is a comprehensive, yet practical rendition of the real counterpart. All essential systems have been modeled to a great degree of depth, though others (such as UHF, etc.) are “for display only” due to MSFS not supporting these systems.

As for NAV systems, an Aera-style portable GPS is included (can be hidden) for flight planning and “direct to” navigation. In fact, some operators of the CH47D use these kinds of GPS systems.

A custom Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS) is also featured. Currently it works as a 2 degree-of-freedom autopilot (altitude and heading), but it may evolve into a more complex system prior to release.

:small_blue_diamond: Sounds: This is a common question - YES, our CH47D will feature the iconic “blade slap”. In fact, all sounds have been recorded from a real CH47.

:small_blue_diamond: EFB: A tablet EFB is also included, and can be used to load the cargo onto the helicopter, map, and access the missions…

:small_blue_diamond: Missions: The Chinook will include a mission pack upon release, with anywhere between 8-12 predefined missions around the world. These missions will consist of carrying different loads from point A to B. All missions will start and end on custom-made sceneries (included with the helicopter). These may include earthquake relief areas, military compounds, UAV bases, moving ships, etc.

:small_blue_diamond: Liveries: 15 liveries will be included from operators around the world.

:small_blue_diamond: Other variants?: We are focusing on the -D Variant for now. Though we are considering adding more modern -F Variant, the passenger variant, MH variant, etc. on a future expansion pack.

:small_blue_diamond: PC/Xbox?: As usual, we’ll release for PC first - since we can iterate more easily over the first few weeks of the product being out and don’t have to pass the time-consuming Marketplace verification. Xbox will follow shortly after.

:small_blue_diamond: ETA: No ETA at this time. The project is very advanced and we are now focusing on the “special features” - so it won’t be long until it’s out.

More screenshots showcasing the exterior, liveries and cargo bay will be posted over the next few weeks!


Wow, the screenshots look absolutely stunning! Great to hear about the missions and the EFB.

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D’you know, that extra feature has swung me into the very-likely-to-buy category.

Graphics look great and systems depth detail sounds appealing.

If it ends up in my collection, at some point I will attempt this:


You’ll be getting 1 aircraft + ~6 small (yet detailed) sceneries + 8-12 missions.

This is the approach we are taking with most of our products going forward. We want to not only create an aircraft, but an entire environment around it - providing the users and a reason to fly the product, enhancing the experience, and encouraging the community to create their own missions and sceneries using our libraries.

ps - pinnacle landings will be possible :wink:


This is going to be fun!

That’s unbelievable, the the rear rotor almost touched ground.

Add this as mission #13 and I’m sold!



That’s nuts. Like Knight Rider of the sea!

I’m interested in that as well but they promised that for the Osprey as well and there is still nothing.

We did mention at some point that an expansion pack for the Osprey was in the planning process featuring missions, sling loads, etc. That project has not been fully scrapped, but it was decided that all the necessary tech was going to be developed for and included with the Chinook and may eventually make its way to the Osprey. That being said, it was never promised or advertised.

We believe the Chinook would benefit more from this package as it is a more capable aircraft for these kinds of loading and transport operations, hence the initial release will feature multiple of these mission-based contents