[RELEASED] Miltech Simulations CH47D

EDIT: I stand corrected - a last minute model edit in fact reintroduced the cockpit glass transparency bug.

Addressing this and a checklist bug on a hotfit releasing in a few hours.


Thanks for caring about the details, great helicopter package.


In case you haven’t heard it in a while: you guys absolutely rock. Outstanding product, outstanding post-release maintenance/updates. Thank you!


I bet you all are excited with the new MSFS 2024 Trailer - we are excited too!

In case you are wondering, we don’t have access to insider information or the SDK yet. We’re eagerly anticipating the release as much as you all are. As more details become available, we’ll explore integrating the native firefighting and sling loading features into our CH47D.

We’re also thrilled and honored to announce that Miltech Simulations CH47D has been selected for the first-ever “Top-Rated Aircraft Sale” on the MS Marketplace.

Our CH47D is the newest item on the list, and among the best-rated from the selection. We will continue striving to improve and expand our products for months to come. Keep an eye out for new announcements coming up shortly :eyes: :eyes:


Congrats! It’s a fantastic aircraft.

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I am using the Quest 3 with virtual desktop software. When I am sat in the cockpit my eye point is perfectly aligned. As soon as I press READY TO FLY my eye point rotates 45 degrees towards the floor and it is impossible to correct it. I have tried everything imaginable but nothing works. For me it is currently impossible to fly this aircraft. Can anybody offer a solution? Thanks in advance.

You should try in the Miltech Discord for direct support.
They are very very helpful chaps