[RELEASED] Miltech Simulations CH47D

Do you also test with full size 1:1 controls like Virpil or PFT Puma?

I thought the reason for the assists was when using short throw controllers like an Xbox gamepad.

I am super excited for the CH-47! This one can’t release soon enough!


Don’t have access to a full-size control, and the reality is that majority of users own either a generic HOTAS/Joystick set or fly on Xbox using the Xbox controller. However, the type of control hardware does not influence the aircraft’s behavior, and sensitivity curves can be edited to better fit the user preferences. The Chinook is a tandem-rotor heli, and flies in the sim as such, making it inherently stable.

Hence, these are the two setups we use for testing.

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My only worry at the moment is that in these latest screenshots, the panel edges and rivets on the outside look like painted with a big, fat brush. It won’t keep me from buying the Chinook, because I spend 99% of my time in the cockpit. Are these textures finished for the initial release, or still work in progress?

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Anything you see is still WIP. Someone made the same comment on our Discord - so it will be fixed before release.

Though I must say that it is a lot more noticeable on these lighter liveries. The panels are actually all modeled in 3D. What you see there is the result of (perhaps too dark) ambient occlusion and dirt between each panel. Either way, will be adjusted :slight_smile:


Great news! I just looked at the cockpit screenshots from Nov 23 and they look amazing, so I will be happy anyway :blush:

Please configure those tanks to work with FSEconmy :crazy_face:

Looking great, this will be fun!

Some people say I have a problem, :wink: but I have access to quite a list of various peripherals, including a VR headset, Virpil cyclic and collective. Let me know if I can be of service :slight_smile:

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This is looking good, very much looking forward to this.

The Osprey is still one of my favourites to fly , this Chinook will definitely be sharing time along with it.

Next would be a Huey … (hint hint).

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Woke up to excellent news today. SU15 is releasing in March and will support Tandem Rotors natively!

This is major news for the Chinook. Until now, the flight model uses a few hacks to simulate the behaviors of a tandem rotor configuration, but in reality, the FM is set up as a main+tail rotor configuration. The results are quite good, but definitely not as good as fully native flight model that supports tandems.

Due to how close we are getting to release, the aircraft will likely feature our own implementation of the FM from day one, and we’ll work on an update after SU15 is released.

Also mentioned the several performance, stability and memory improvements coming on SU15, particularly for Xbox users - a critical fix given the current situation with Xbox products.

Note that as said on the livestream, tiltrotors are NOT supported on SU15, and hence this update does not affect our Osprey product.

Stay tuned as we are getting VERY close to release.


Great news and a wise choice to release the Chinook before SU15. Asobo implementing twin rotors could be a hint of a twin rotor local legend inbound.

Jorg did say something about Piasecki’s as well as the Chinook in the Dev stream…

Fingers crossed we get the Piasecki H-21 Flying Banana. There used to be an excellent freeware for FSX or FS9.

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I thought Seb said they had no immediate plans for a heli of their own, they were just providing the ability. Could be misremembering though,

Ok, I missed that. Good to see new features added to the sim anyhow.

really looking forward to more great Miltech products. I sincerely hope this one is tested properly before console release and not by the orange thing that claims to be the “Godfather of flight” as everything it touches turns code brown


This more and more determines whether I will purchase an aircraft.

I almost pulled the trigger on a Virpil cyclic and collective combo on Black Friday.
I held off, bought an MFG Crosswind rudder and Streamdeck XL instead, and have been saving my pennies for the Virpil gear.

Which models do you have (including mounts, if possible?)


  • VPC ACE Interceptor Pedals
  • VPC WarBRD Grip (no twist axis)
  • VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base
  • VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm
  • VPC Rotor TCS Plus Base
  • VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip
  • VPC Chair Mount - Collective Base Adapter
  • VPC Desk Mount V4
  • VPC Desk Mount V4 Adapter - MongoosT-50CM2 Base

Something like that

But by far the most expensive peripherals I’ve ever bought for my PC.


Thanks for the info.


Hey everyone! We’re getting super close to release day – things are moving fast. No date has been set, but we are just a few short weeks away.

Here’s the latest:

  • We’re wrapping up final testing and fixes on the PC version. She’s flying great and no major bugs had to be addressed.
  • Xbox testing kicks off tomorrow - focusing primarily on the performance on consoles, as systems-wise it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Release Plan: