[Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

You should contact DC Designs on Facebook with the issue:

To late, the problem is I delated first and exe thinking that I doing update not clean installation. Looks like some registry issue. I send ticket to Just Flight support. Thx

Thx, I will do also, good idea :slight_smile:

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Ok, solved :slight_smile: I delated Concorde info from Registry and installation goes to the and, thx :slight_smile:

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Got my bravo delivered for xbox noticed the autopilot panel dont work at all throttles flaps landing gear etc work fine :thinking::thinking:anybody got any ideas?

You mean the auto pilot panel on your peripheral? As I understand it, the auto pilot in the Concorde is not your standard type, so what you are seeing is not unexpected. The auto pilot system has some custom buttons that I don’t think you can map.

For more details, you would have to ask on the Discord page

I mean my bravo works fine with all the other airliners i have but zero works on concorde i dont get it

What do you see in the Controller options? What bindings are not working specifically? I’m not familiar with how the Bravo (throttle?) binds to the autopilot.

Some autopilot button will work with the basic key from MSFS. For have a full compatible Concorde autopilot with some hardware, you need to use SPAD (what i use) to bind your button with the “LVAR” (LVAR for make it short are the specific key action from the plane, made by the dev). Without an app who can “talk” between your hardware, the LVAR and the plane, you can not use all the switches, buttons and knobs from Concorde than are not build with the basic key from MSFS. On your case you seem using a XBOX, without an access to a PC, you can not use SPAD or another app. This why choose XBOX really will limitate your possibility of hardware compatibility with the key mapping.

It’s on sale at 26€ for Black Friday …
I’ll try to browse the last 200 messages or so, but if you could spare me from reading the 2449 messages backlog, I’d be grateful. :smiley:

So :

  • At this point, are there still bugs that anyone may consider major ?
  • Is it external-controller friendly ? By that I mean : for the Concorde-specific functions (I guess there are quite a few, it’s not your standard MSFS bird), are there Simconnect commands/variables to use with AxisandOhs/Spad.next ?


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Take a close look at this add on DC Designs Concorde - Streamdeck XL Profile for Lorby's AAO » Microsoft Flight Simulator and collect the commands/variables.


Good idea, thanks.