[Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

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  • “Exterior model features 4096 textures for incredible clarity and the latest Physical Based Rendering (PBR) material technology to produce realistic metallic, plastic and glass surfaces.”

  • “Realistic animations include the famous four-stage nose-droop, undercarriage, inlet ramps, bleed doors, reverse-thrust buckets, control surfaces and all passenger and cargo doors.”

  • “MSFS-native (Wwise) sound package by Sim Acoustics takes full advantage of the simulator’s new sound capabilities both inside the cockpit and around the exterior model.” Video above.

  • “Captain’s, First Officer’s and Engineer’s station all operational.”

  • “Accurate flight model with Mach 2 ‘super-cruise’ capability and realistic handling throughout the flight envelope.”

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Estimated Cost [from earlier reports]: $39.99 USD

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Everything Pre-3.27 [Links to various Facebook updates]

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They just uploaded this to Facebook :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:



[1.28] Today’s News Update

  • Dean posted a video below!!!
  • They have continued focus on instruments and systems. “All annunciator lights are now active.”
  • “The pilot’s instruments are now also fully operational, with the First Officer’s instruments to follow.”
  • CodenameJack “has also worked out how to simulate Concorde’s thirteen fuel tanks using the sim’s eight so that will also increase the realism of flight operations.”
  • The “stretching” of the fuselage (almost two feet) due to heat has “been replicated in the DC Designs Concorde. This supersonic stretch can be seen…”
  • If all goes according to plan, Dean will start to focus on the exterior model and passenger cabin.
  • “Exterior detail plans include all loading doors, many access panels, interactive refuel and ground power panels, and of course more decals, weathering and general enhancements.”
  • “Enhancements already in place include low-pressure vapor on the wing leading edges, wing-tip contrails, engine smoke, landing light effects and of course high-altitude exhaust contrails.”

Link to today’s Facebook Update

  • Dean has “finished animating and coding most of the switches on the flight deck for functionality in terms of being able to manipulate them, and have also completed most of the decal work”

  • “I have been fortunate to be assisted by both Asobo and Microsoft with some aspects of the flight model, along with Paul Frimston’s and CodenameJack’s work, to ensure that Concorde’s delta wing and her operational flight envelope can be reproduced with sufficient accuracy. There has been much progress here, with Asobo’s flight modelling team sending crucial information through in support of the project. The good news is that Concorde does have the potential for a high degree of accuracy in all aspects of the flight envelope, but there will also have to be some “creative thinking” going on to make it all happen the way it should.”

FSElite posted up a rundown of today’s post: Fresh New DC Designs Concorde for MSFS Previews - FSElite

Link to the Friday News Update

  • Dean: “Because of the huge delay caused by the insistence of Microsoft to force unfinished updates on us all, Concorde’s likely release date has slipped back by the same amount, so a late February / early March 2022 launch is currently the most feasible date.”

  • Dean says they will be working on the Concorde from “now until Christmas break,” including “re-building the flight crew’s seats to the new higher standard and continuing the long task of building the engineer’s station and overhead panels.”

  • They are continuing to work on the flight model but note that the absence of vortex lift in MSFS hampers the effort.


  • Dean has posted below with a bunch of incredible photos. Here is a link to the latest Friday update.

  • "For those of you hankering for accurate release dates, it’s now looking likely that Concorde will first launch with Just Flight in early February, 2022. "

  • “This week has been spent entirely on the engineer’s station, which is a huge job to undertake and has understandably been all-consuming for some time now. I have been able to complete most of the modelling and am now texturing everything in full PBR, which really does bring the aircraft flight deck to life in MSFS.”

Link to Friday News Update

  • “Work on Concorde this week has been entirely in the flight deck. Pictures are few at the moment for obvious reasons and only really teasers at that, as the work is on-going and should not be considered as anything other than WIP in any way. One major new feature that has been mentioned before but is now modelled is an FMC system that will operate in the same way as that on the A320, allowing for both basic and complex flight planning. For now, enjoy the small number of screenshots taken this week during tests at Filton, UK.”

[10.15] Link to Friday News Update


  • He states that MSFS’s performance updates, all the sacrifices he made to modeling for FSX/P3D are moot. “…as a result the vast majority of the entire cockpit is now being re-modelled as well as re-textured, to take advantage of the capabilities of the new simulator.”

  • “instruments that were simplified before can be presented in their full detail; screws, switches, cabling and other details that were omitted can be built in”

  • “the extra work I intend to carry out will push the release date back slightly as it’s a lot more work to take on”

  • More Photos:

Friday News Update

  • “most of the original texture work has been stripped away and replaced with all-new 4K texture maps, with much of the aircraft being UV-mapped anew to take advantage of the higher resolutions available. In addition, much use has been made of the decal system to produce high-res features such as access panels, panel lines and ( billions and billions ) of rivets.”

  • Custom code is being transferred gradually across, controlling newer functions such as the spill doors and engine bleed doors, fuel panels and so on. The plan here is to have a reasonably complete external model ready in about two weeks’ time, before work shifts to the interior.


New post on Facespace

  • Dean has been working on higher-quality textures.

  • “I have created the first decal sheet and am already replacing textured markings with high-resolution decals, a process that will take several weeks to complete on this model.”

  • The cockpit is in-sim and working, however as Dean states, “this is not up to visual standards at all at the moment so it will be some time before I can realistically share any images. For now, it will just help me with basic flight testing and getting cameras set up, ready for when the internal work begins.”

  • Dean looks to be going the distance with MSFS: “I’m pretty much throwing most of my polygon-saving caution out of the window and going for it on the detail with Concorde. It’s clear MSFS can handle it, within reason, so why not make her look as good as all the other aircraft, inside and out?”

  • There will be a Flight Management Computer:

  • “Finally, after much investigation and thought over the past few days, I’m going to include a Flight Management Computer in Concorde that visually resembles, as closely as possible, Concorde’s actual Inertial Navigation System. Inputting countless Lat-Lon waypoints will be a bit too much for most folks, whereas the FMC provides everything the user needs. Whether or not I include an optional GPS unit, as per other developers’ aircraft, really depends on community feedback – once I get a ‘feel’ for what the majority want, I’ll go with that.”


Dean has posted an update on the Concorde on Facebook.

  • Currently aiming for a pre-Christmas release

  • Most external animations working in-sim already

  • “Much of the work over the next month or two will be bringing the modelling and texturing up to MSFS standard with the use of higher resolutions, new decals for stencils, panel lines and rivets, true PBR and so on.”

  • “The engineer’s station will again be fully functional, although reduced in complexity as I want this Concorde to remain within everybody’s reach.”

  • “The model will utilise all the sim’s lighting; brand-new passenger cabin modelling, and as much of the MSFS support animations ( baggage loading, gates, fuel truck, ground power, effects etc ) as I can make work with the aircraft to make it as complete as possible. Perhaps the only thing missing at launch will be true afterburners, which are delayed now for MSFS until May 2022. I will use my existing custom afterburner system in their place ( same as that used on the F-15s and F-14s ) until full support comes to the sim.”

[9.13] Dean posted below: [Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde - #12 by DEAN01973


One of the great aviation icons. Still looks awesome, stylish and modern even though the design is over 50 years old. And it was designed without computers on drawing boards.


See the trolls are setting up base camp nice and early in here!


Holy cow, that is quite a surprise :smiley:

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I hope it’s ‘study level’ :slight_smile: I want to sit here in VR…

(Photo I took the day after she was withdrawn from service. Sad knowing that she was very much still alive, but never to fly again)


This is going to be amazing…I hope. Owning a few Study Level Concordes I can tell you this bird is not easy to fly on your own, by that I mean with no help… You have 9 way points in the CIVA INS, some add-ons of this plane let you use the FMS or a fake auto pilot, but not many.

Take off is pure stress, tracking VOR’s or waypoints, getting the bird clean, then getting to the acceleration point, balancing the fuel etc etc… Then managing the after burners or (Re heats) .

obviously I am talking from a sim pilot perspective, landing is tricky too, the delta wings dont like to go slow…

I hope if this is study level it has an AFE like the DC6, but I just hope it is study level or close too.

Cant wait


Did you fly the Concorde? If so please hook up with these guys and help them or if you were involved with it in some way…Not saying they need it, but the more input the better!!

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No I didn’t (alas). I had a relative working for the BA at that time … They did an open day event for certain lucky employees and guests the day after the fleet was withdrawn.

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Well, DC Designs doesn’t do study level. As mentioned, it is very advanced to control the Concorde.
Most people rather prefer to have an easy going flight, but lots of buttons to push.
This is where DC Designs actually is.
It suits for most flight simmers.
Have a look on their F-14 or F-15 at least on YouTube, then you see


The DC Designs Concorde is not study level, but it also isn’t all that far off it and is far more complex than the aircraft I would normally release. It was very popular in FSX and Prepar3D. Fuel-transfer for pitch trim control, super-cruise, altitude step requirements for cruise climb and many other features unique to Concorde are present and correct, and the flight model is by an expert of long standing at Just Flight who is responsible for many of their aircraft. An INS will hopefully be active this time around, and full autopilot of course for those ILS landings, along with a fully functional engineer station as it was in Prepar3D ( although possibly with more systems active ).

More details will be announced on Friday on my Facebook page. There is a lot to do to bring Concorde up to full MSFS standard, but the project is well underway :slight_smile:


DC Designs tend not to do study level. Just check out the F14 and F15. That will give you an idea of how basic the aircraft will be.

My first thought, too. But Dean already answered, that the Concorde is most likely more advanced.

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This could be the first additional aircraft I will buy. She‘s so beautiful.


I’m in the same boat and I’ll have some of that. Looks great.

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Definitely something I’ll keep an eye out for. Each aircraft has shown improvement from the previous but still work to be done on things like models and textures. Really hope to see those problems ironed out for this plane. It’s such a historic plane that taking the time to do it right is a important thing.


To be honest I can live with what DEAN01973 has just said regarding the systems. I dont really fly the study level Concorde anymore its a huge and draining task mostly. You cant really leave the sim either as you need to do a fair bit en route. If it has the basics and is as he has stated I am in.


At least Dean is having a good go at what I guess must be one of the most complex aircraft around. You’ve got to admire his ambition and I quite like that tbh.

And can I say that I’m not seeing any other devs. tackling this pretty formidable project either. Not that I blame them :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s very much as you state really: for instance, the requirement to manually transfer fuel ever forwards to maintain proper CoG is present and affects the aerodynamics correctly. However, I also include an “auto” switch that will transfer the fuel for you, in case of interruptions to the flight ( phone call, knock at the door etc ) so that you have it covered and can leave the aircraft. The step climb sequence must be followed by-the-book or she’ll never make Mach 2, and even then just like the real airplane, the DCD Concorde only really reaches maximum performance in the later stages of the flight ( max alt, max velocity ). Having to think about slowing down when you’re still 200 nautical miles from your destination definitely gets your attention :slight_smile:

The INS I am hoping will be active, and CodenameJack’s immense efforts with autopilot in the F-15s and F-14s will be coming to the aircraft so there will be reliable ILS, VNAV and other features included.

To be honest, I’m immensely excited to be working on Concorde. It’s almost two years since the original release, and I can see so much that can be improved across all fronts with what I’ve learned in the time since, and of course the amazing simulator we now have. If I can hit the spot in the same way the Tomcats have hit the mark for fighter aircraft fans, I’ll be happy.


Too bad, this plane starts very badly, on the wrong foot, it leaves with the bad livery. If only it was with this one.
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That livery will also be included, along with the Singapore Airlines livery :+1: