[Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

Both liveries are beautiful…why get into that level.

because the concord is more french than english!!! mouhaaaa it’s only a story of chauvinist, it’s like for the story of the Mont Saint Michel, it belongs to the Norman or the Breton: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have no doubts it will. And I applaud you for your openness. I cant wait for this to be honest. I dont usually advocate simplifying planes and I am by no means saying that in a derogatory way, but this plane is a real handful…for me at least. So toning it down slightly isn’t a bad thing.

From my limited experience with the Colmita etc, the plane has an ILS and can lock on to VOR etc, not sure about ADF I cant remember now…

Are you going to include a way to use the default Flight planner to allow us to follow the route or will that be strictly CIVA INS. Again for this plane I personally would not hold that against it, I wouldn’t want to see the GNS530 in the in pit lol but a background AP sort of… I dont know, but I look forward to this.

For those interested here is a video of FlightDeck2sim (real 737 pilot) flying the Concorde in XP11. You can see how hard it is and even he struggles a little… He also practiced a fair bit I think.


Had this one and really loved it. For me it was nearly impossible to fly that bird from cold and dark without the AFE.
This is definitely a must have in my hangar and I’m looking forward to its unique high AOA approaches

I suspect the INS will be simplified in some way, perhaps based around a stock autopilot, but I have not yet had the chance to investigate. I don’t really want to force users to input Lat Lon waypoints or intersections but there will be a need to plot the most accurate route across the Atlantic for fuel purposes. Will study this when I get there :+1:


The DC Designs P3D Version is priced at 35 Euro.
Does anyone remember how the FS Labs Version was priced?

He’s definitely pretty quick at times with how he does things, plenty of experience. Thing is, can we even go that high in MSFS? What’s the actual limit I wonder, without a mod or hack of course? Yes the sky gets darker up that high and I would imagine that Asobo would have to address that with an update, would be a shame not to have that reflected accurately.

Is the navigraph and whatnot as shown in the video not the path it took in real life? I guess just doing a copy and paste from what’s been shown isn’t that easy? Your Concorde will have the droop snoot for sure I hope. How will the throttle work? The afterburners operated independently from what I’ve seen. It’s looking more and more likely i’ll need a mouse to even have a chance of doing things in a timely manner. Also, do you know the limitations of the sim? How high can we actually go without any hacks or mods? We need to be able to exceed 50,000 and a lot more still. It was boasted so much how it was at the edge of space back in those days.

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The FS Labs Concorde was about $120 I think, so three times the cost of mine. It was, however, three times as complex, so that does justify the price point.


All animations will be present. Reheat ( afterburner ) was on switches in the real Concorde. This may well be do-able now in MSFS but will have to investigate it. I have zoom-climbed the F-15C to over 80,000ft so there’s no worries there, everything works and looks fine up in the ether.


I like your honesty. Very refreshing :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t get excited, I think this one will have a more precise flight than the DC designs :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That R/C model is amazing, must be more terrifying flying that than the real thing!

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Yes, i think :joy::+1:

What is this, a Concorde for ants?!


Just wanna ask one thing, I know the full flight planish autopilot is the not study level part of DCS Concorde. Can it be kind of a hidden one without some out of era screen displaying the flight path and say only a switch between gps mode or heading mode and AP button only? That will less ruin the “ this is not right” feel

I am gonna chime in on the navigation systems bit. CIVA INS is a PAIN. I have a Lockheed 1011 in P3D that ONLY gives you INS - no other way to fly a plan. Having to enter those coordinates and the fact that you have to keep entering them as there is a limit (I think it only holds 8 or 9, so you gotta keep entering coordinates as you move through the flight plan)… Guess what? I NEVER fly it. Too much pain, too much work, not a lot of fun. I’d sooner fly an old school airliner (727, 707, 737-200) that gives you options to fly via GPS. The DC Designs Concorde P3D version allows that too. I very much hope to see the MSFS version allow for GPS navigation. If there are people that enjoy messing with the INS system, it will be fun to allow them to do that… but I really don’t enjoy INS.


Fair play to you. it looks great and I will be in the long que to buy it!

I’ll just park it at the gate and look at it as I probably wont know how to fly it but even at that it will be money well spent!

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Yes I agree. Realism can be a fine line to tread. Ultra realism is no good if you never fly the aircraft.

I think though that Dean seems to want customers to have fun with his aircraft and my guess (might be wrong here) is that DC Designs will include some sort of GPS option.