[RELEASED] Wilga 35/80 Series | Got Friends

For me and at the end of the day, I would choose to buy intially from the developer. Failing that, the usual suspects. After that, marketplace. Only thing is that if you want that particular aircraft and it isnt available from your preferred choice, then you go to where it actually is available. It is that simple.


You can usually find the variables using Dev mode and behaviour.

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Everything’s better when you’ve GotFriends;


Sometimes friends have monster engines and its hard to keep up though!


and sometimes they make mistakes;


MSFS community managers Pieter and SimTom will be streaming our alpha build 0.7 Wilga tomorrow during the community fly-in. Our team and some of the testers will be there too! Come join the fun with what ever you fancy. Details about the event can be found here:


Quite unfortunate about the marketplace only launch. When you decide to release it outside of the MP, I’ll be ready.

When If


Really odd sentiment here about the marketplace. I’m not sure what all the detractors are trying to prove? You literally told them 90+ % of all sales came from there for your previous releases so why bother with the added expense of hosting elsewhere for minimal return and the risk of piracy to deal with as well.

You’ve got the sales data, and it doesn’t lie. I would ignore the highly vocal minority here and do what’s best for your product.


Exhibit A on why some are apprehensive of a MP exclusive release.


Our team has been working overtime to finalize internal and external configurations of each variant. Here are the final decisions on what to expect for release. All of them are currently in Alpha or Beta at various stages of development.

4 Types of Aircraft (In Menu), 8 Types of Variations (In Livery Selections), 4 Engine Types, 3 Avionic Sets, 3 Wheel Options, Ski and Float Options, and Flight Director (Auto-Trim) Options.

Excited for everybody to get their hands on them. The 35X/80X are definitely a fan favorite.


  • AI-14 Engine (260HP)
  • 21" Standard Tires
  • Optional Skis
  • 35A: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35A: Legacy Cockpit (Polish)
  • 80: Midlife Cockpit (English)
  • No Flight Director


  • AI-14RD Engine (285HP)
  • LAP-3000 Floats
  • 35H: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80H: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35H: Legacy Cockpit (English)
  • 80H: Midlife Cockpit (Polish)
  • Installed Flight Director


  • M-14P Engine (360HP)
  • 29" Bush Tires
  • No Skis
  • 35P: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80P: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35P: Legacy Cockpit (English)
  • 80P: Midlife Cockpit (Polish)
  • Installed Flight Director


  • M-14PF Engine (450HP)
  • 35" Bush Tires
  • No Skis
  • 35X: Unregulated Exhaust
  • 80X: Regulated Exhaust
  • 35X: Modern Cockpit (Polish)
  • 80X: Modern Cockpit (English)
  • Installed Flight Director


I’ve got say I’m really looking forward to flying the Wilga. But as many others have said so before I’ve got to agree. I’m completely against the marketplace in its current state and usually try to not buy anything from it. I.e I hate not being able to use an add on linker, having to wait for updates (especially when Asobo goes on holiday) and the developers themselves are not able to release the update but are dependent on Asobo. Also saying „Quite frankly, our team knows there is always “master-race” trolling talks.“ feels like a huge disrespectful slap in the face, instead of being emphatic from the start on.


Impressive amount of work but, for me that is far too many options, most of which would never be flown. Is there an option to just have one or two? Maybe sell them individually at a lower price?

This is precisely why I would not get this from the Marketplace - I would end up with GB’s worth of aircraft and variants I would simply never fly but not be able to remove. Sometimes less really is more!

That’s a great question.

Currently the full package is 1.6 GB. That’s everything above as mentioned with 6 Livery Options on each variation. Our team really did a ton of optimization to ensure amazing visual quality vs installation size and texture density.

We currently have not considered selling a solo variant as a different package option. I know some developers have done that, but our thoughts were to always include everything on release instead of charging per variant.

I will take this feedback back to the team and see if that’s something we can consider. Like I said, we just haven’t thought about it. So this may be a point of interest if we have enough people interested.

Great Question!


We understand the concerns. There are Pros and Cons of each distribution method. In our case it was always Marketplace and FlightSim.to.

With the downfall in sales on the 3rd Party Marketplace, we opted to push full effort into the In-Game Marketplace with considerations to the points I mentioned earlier.

As far as master-race talks. I can be emphatic, but I would rather be upfront and honest. I own an Xbox Series X, PC, and Switch. With MSFS in mind, I don’t care for where I play it. This is something I don’t waste time on. MSFS is available on multiplatforms and our team will bring our aircraft to those platforms without bias. I can game on the couch, in my chair, at my desk or on my phone.

As with everything, your choice of platform is a personal choice and opinion. It is something I care less to know. All I care about is that our content is available through available distribution on each platform.


This is a hell of a project, an amazing bird, and amazing group of devs. Not sure what all the fuss about the marketplace is for. I feel bad for those who don’t end up purchasing this simply due to that.


This said, I do want to add that I sincerly do feel bad for those individuals that don’t have a choice and can’t use the Marketplace. I have asked for feedback on this matter, especially since we are pre-release. Just waiting on some responses. As far as I’m aware, the in-game marketplace is an option for everyone. Not just a preference.

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For sure not buying it on any platform based on that response.

Honest question. Were you going to buy it on Flightsim.to then? If so, what are your personal benefits.

Feedback guys.

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Absolutely would, more regular updates, more user friendly, no encryption. Any 3rd party website over the MP and I would have bought it. A dual release or slightly delayed release and I would have bought it.