[RELEASED] Wilga 35/80 Series | Got Friends

The Wilga is only sold on Marketplace or Got Friends directly, so this is probably the lowest sale price you will see for a while.

Skis are just on the standard wheel variants of the 35 and 80, as a toggle.
(It alters the physics when on Snow/Ice as well!)


Thanks.Never understood why MS dont have a web based list of current marketplace content and prices.


I doubt you’ll see it lower anytime soon, if ever, since that’s 50% off.
I just picked it up and am very impressed. It’s an absolute steal at that price.


Ok, stayed up WAY too late with this one, finally a convert. First and foremost have to completely DUMP that default view and get yourself properly into the aircraft. Then the shadows fly around and ask you to fly it like a maniac. Quickly figured out the wee bit of throttle to carry on final to not crunch it in and what a beast this little aircraft is. Fastest 110KT flight ever, need born to be wild playing in the background. I was at Dunsford just sitting there going through aircraft profiles/setups and it was the Wilga’s turn. Spent about 4 hours straight dive bombing and landing on random fields. I want to hook up a flap lever on my ceiling now.

I used to fly the little Shock Ultra straight down into the grand canyon fully deflected ailerons and rudder, this is like it got a boost of nitrous oxide and then some, two big bottles. I’m not sure if it’s normal to try to fly through windmill blades, but suddenly seemed like something you need to try in this aircraft. Knocked all the dust off the extremes of my rudder pedal tracks.


sounds like someone had fun :slight_smile:

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Why’s wilga on sale on Boyfriend’s but full price on MP?

That’s something you should ask your Boyfriend. :grinning:



Possible typo there. Got friends even…

Great to read your enthusiasm for it man! Maybe you’ll catch the bug and want to join in my Wilga Bush Racing Series events soon? :wink:

The marketplace takes a cut of the price, so maybe they do not want to discount their price that much.

It’s showing as on sale on my end. I do think GotFriends started the website sale a day earlier, but the marketplace sale should have been running when you made this post.

It’s 50% off on both.


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I was flying this with the TBV1 today because I was too lazy to switch around to the flightstick and my standard configuration(which was the verniers, and for some reason this seems like some crazy old plane that would have a yoke and verniers?) and I have cowl flaps set up to a lever. I think its axis 5- close/5+ open which is an ON OFF switch for cowl flaps on every vernier GA aircraft I use this with(they don’t have an axis for it)-for lever aircraft I use the ‘extra’ verniers for speedbrake/cowl flaps, etc axis 8??..

Somehow magically this is a fully proportional lever on this aircraft for the cowl shutter. Very cool. Was pretty cool to watch it work properly on this one, even with the ‘wrong’ controller. The flightstick doesn’t have nearly the bindings available.

Even though it’s a yoke having all my levers available makes it even crazier to fly. Wish they had the TB quadrant with the flight stick, would be awesome to have that separate. Loved having throttle/prop/mixture/cowl flaps/flaps all with physical levers.

I just set up my Wilga (Standard 80) in SPAD yesterday. As usual, I dove right in without reading the manual. :crazy_face: I spent some time trying to get good control of the cooler flaps using custom axis ranges on one of the Bravo buttons. Then I read the manual.

An FAQ says you can assign the cowl flaps AND the oil cooler flaps to the Spoiler Axis. Hmmmm…

Checked it out, and BAM! Fully proportional control of those two things! Way cool, GF. I also want to commend GF for making the vast majority of controls accessible through easily discovered Lvars and Simconnect events. This is one of the easiest planes I’ve ever spent time mapping to my Alpha/Bravo.

I do have one puzzler, though. I can’t figure out how to map Attitude Cage/Uncage.
Hopefully I can’t get some help on Discord from someone who’s figured it out.
I’m doubtful, though. I haven’t had much luck with Discord as a support method.

Took a first flight, and this plane handles like a dream. I think I’m going to love it, and I see why it consistently makes the Top 10 Aircraft lists of so many people.

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Justice!! At last! :partying_face: :dancing_men:

I’m going to try mapping both throttle and prop pitch to the SAME axis. Maybe only for extreme (read: eSTOL) purposes. I read that you SHOULD move both levers together in this aircraft. It’s why they are next to each other in your left hand too - so you can grab the both with one hand — you’re MEANT to move them in synch. I will report back. It’s on my “to do” list today :wink:

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Heh that’s why the cowl flap/fan worked, I have a spoiler lever on that profile for verneir aircraft like the Mooney.

Pretty good workaround by GF. MSFS should add an axis assignment instead of on/off only for cowl flaps. Oil cooler flaps axis too for the radial birds. Hate when I have levers that levers won’t work on.

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Couldn’t have done it without you, brother!

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Have to say, this works well. And I am kicking myself that I didn’t do it before!

I have set up my X52 throttle (left hand) to control both together, but left my TQ (right hand) as separate, so either way I can override the behaviour as needed. I think I will recommend this approach to anyone that has the option of both inputs!

I’ll give it a shot. I’m a bit skeptical about mapping one TQ lever to both throttle and prop, and another lever to prop only. Maybe it won’t create a conflict in SPAD.

Only one way to know for sure!

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I did.

So what do you want? Just the 80X, or all the versions, providing the other versions don’t take up any drive space?