Remove bezels on pop out PFD / MFD screens

Win10 v2004 Latest.

Does it also work for the GNS? (530 or 430)

Not tried the GNS, but it’s worked on every cockpit info screen I have tried so far, including the touch screens in the business jets.

great tip, thanks!! Is there a way to set the extra screens automatically or do you have to do the second screen install (Rightclick + Alt) every time you startup a new flight?

I have to pop them out and reposition them every time.

I want to get 2 extra monitors (12-14") for my instruments, it’s not a big issue but it would be great when they would popup automatically on the extra screens…

I suggest that everyone that wants the “undocked” instrument displays to pop up correctly to avoid repositioning them every time, report this a bug via ZenDesk. The more of us doing that, the more likely we will see an update and a fix for this. I have done it, what about you?

I would like to wait until the main AP and flying bugs are fixed before requesting “nice to have” functionalities.

I try to move my Air Manager G1000 cockpit from X-Plane to FS2020. I succeeded in popping out the G1000 PFD and MFD, separating both windows and displaying these properly behind the Air Manager G1000 bezels.

Looks marvellous, although, of course the bezels don’t function yet: code written for X-Plane exclusively. After a crash, I restarted the flight. No popouts! What I have missed in the conversation above is: how do you make your popouts persistent? Making them come back, every time I start my favourite plane (Diamond DA62).

If there is a solid way to achieve this, I would be gratefule to hear it!

comment obtenir la vue cockpit en plein écran réel non zoomé sans le pare brise et le cockpit interieur. Comme nous pouvions le faire avec FSX

Good question and you might get a reply when you ask it in English…

how to get the cockpit view in real non zoomed full screen without the windshield and the interior cockpit. As we could with FSX

It seems there is no way to have the pop-outs be persistent between flights. I have the same issue.

BTW, I managed to pop out correctly the MCPU in the 747 in XPlane 11.5, but couldn’t do it for the PDF and MFD, do you know how to do it?

Hi, Russ Barlow has written a perfect little program (free) for this: Popout Weasel. I have been doing this by hand many times, but that is a kind of hassle! You have to reduce the bezel images to empty PNG’s of one pixel by one. Popout Weasel takes that out of your hands. Furthermore, it takes care of precisely placing your popouts within the bezel. You will find a video about Popout Weasel on YouTube.

As far as FS2020 is concerned: I will try to put the persistence of popouts on the wishlist. This is a must for every cockpit builder!

Okay If somebody doesn’t understand in french I will in english
No result anyway. I hope that ASOBO and microsoft will give us that opportunity.

I’m a bit late to the party. I got the PFD and the MFD (from the C172 G1000s) onto a second sreen and they do work (granted, with the fps from 30 down to 15). Anyway, as far as I understand they are just for viewing, no way to get the accompanying controls onto the second screen.

This is a bit half-baked, isn’t it? Besides, do those trying this experience the same halfing of fps?

I don’t know about earlier versions of FS. I got the impression that there are not many knowledgeable people around who can say something about FS2020. Or, maybe, they are just busy. Maybe, we are all pretty early and a bit impatient. At least, I am!

I have expressed my wish that the contents and the positions of popouts can be made persistent. In X-Plane I have a perfect working solution using Air Manager bezels on touch screens and with a “Knobster” to turn the double G1000 knobs. SimInnovations is working hard to make Air Manager work for FS2020 ans FSUIPC7, but again, we are early! Everything is still beta and instruments and panels have to be ported yet to FS2020.

As soon as something comes off, or as soon as I know more, I will certainly let you know.

Han Schouten

Hi pmb2019! I don’t know your hardware situation, but if you have two HD touch screens, one for each G1000 display, that is a lot of pixels extra to accommodate for your video card! Your video card is not aware that practically nothing happens on those displays. Maybe, you will have to invest in heavier equipment…

I have a high end system running 4 screens. Two for the main view, 1 for pfd and 1 for mfd. The sim runs perfectly smoothly in my system. So much so that I haven’t even bothered to check what fps I am getting.

Cpu…Intel 10700
Gpu…Nvide RTX2080ti.

Thanks for the replies. My system is Intel i7-6700K 4.0 GHz / Asus MAXIMUS VIII RANGER / EVGA GTX 1080Ti 11 GB / LG 34UM95 3440 x 1440 main screen / faytech lapscreen (touch) 1920×1080 2nd screen

I’ve externally limited fps in MSFS to 30 which went to 15 when popping out the two gauges (both to the faytech). I’ll see what happens if I allow higher fps.

I am just experimenting at the moment, I understand it’s early days and don’t expect all to be 100% working right now but would like to see progress.

Thx it worked.