Remove Eurofighter from marketplace

The Eurofighter by BREDOK3D is terrible. Nothing works as it should and the landing gear is permanently down. Check around and see that many others are having all sorts of issues and problems. I was refused a refund by steam so its also a rip-off and a money grabbing scam.
Is anybody checking the quality of market place items. I will never buy anything made by Bredock3D again.


Exactly like their Hamburg scenery which I have deleted now. Their need to be some standards for scenery and aircraft developers. Looks like their is too much money in the game for the developers considering the number of msfs users. I usually wait for a review before I by anything.


Dude what are you talking about ?i bought it from sim market day 1 and since then it became awesome.
the gears are down if you spawn in airmalong with handbrake but they will fix it.the only thing you have to do is to manual retract them.not a big deal

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Logged 4 hrs in the Eurofighter now, 1 crash only ! (During a too sharp turn in 800 kts ! ) You need to master who to use speedbrake to be able to land (approch speed with gear down and speedbrake 140 kts) Autopilot a bit tricky to master need improvement…Not tryed ILS approach yet…I give it 6 out of 10 points at this stage of development …

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Yeah its trash, it bellongs in some arcade game perhaps. The modelling is shabby, and absolutley no custom gauges at all. It could have been ok freeware when you are bored.

We need to have certain standards and i will never understand how this heap of junk made it to the marketplace, yet alone how some people use real money for it and encourage devevelopers like this. Its not about being difficult or mean, its about demanding a certain standard for our hard earned money. Its 2021, this isnt your moms FSX anymore.

And please… dont fall for the whole ‘‘still in development’’ line. Leave early acess to steam.


Why buy something without checking that is fit for purpose?

I took one look at the 3* rating and passed.


I’ve only seen screenshots and videos. Quite clear from those that it’s absolute garbage.


The GARMIN though :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



Hi, I dont understand the commotion. I was put off by the Typhoon after the first review on YT. After a few days I reconsidered and I have to say I am happy. Is it perfect, no. Can it be improved yes.
But if I compare the Typhoon with the DC F15, well the F15 really was hyped, is more expensive, and leads to system crashes all the time (at least on my system). I can fly more and without crashes with the Typhoon.
So I am a lot happier with it than I thought, and I am quite disappointed with the F15.

So much to that.


I was tricked into the Kitfox. Why would I get one with a jet engine? :thinking:


It’s an insult to any modder who has put time, effort and expertise into something and released it for free.

Describing the model as amateurish doesn’t come close to how bad it is.


A user in these very forums posted a few fixes shortly after release for the F15 and improved it ten fold, it still isnt great but ranking it among this monstrosity is an absolute joke.

The wheels are the wrong way round and it has a garmin grafted into it.

Im not in the habit of telling people how to spend money but the F15 argument seems to be founded only by a higher price.

That being said, you are happy and really thats the main thing.

Enjoy :+1:


Well obviously there is money to be made with the Typhoon. Even though it’s pretty awful.
It’s leads the aircraft sales charts on simmarket … :unamused:

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The developer is clearly doing something right since people are buying it. If people buy before looking then there is a good market for the less skilled developers out there. Good luck to them.


There is no quality control for the market entry.
Enyone can put there trash on the market and yes the Eurofighter is not worth buying. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have bought it and enjoying it with the aircraft carrier from hard deck simulations. In fact, it is the only aircraft along with the M20R Ovation I use in the sim. Good job from the developer and hoping for more updates in the future.

its really not acceptable that trashy addons seem to sail on to the marketplace but they drag their heels with anything decent, with the amount of time it seems to take for anything to appear on the marketplace I would really expect some decent quality control?


To be fair, trash is much quicker to develop than quality so I think it’s more just people moving as fast as possible to get stuff out to a thirsty-for-content marketplace. This inevitably means lots of lazy ports or quickly slapped together crappy planes just to have something to sell and make a quick buck. Like any marketplace, it needs time to settle. I’m sure once the actual quality stuff starts to come out (which will take time because the development just takes a lot longer, but it will come and there’s already been some exciting announcements from some talented devs), the trash will start dissapearing because it’ll stand out as trash and nobody will buy it if they have quality alternatives available. The only choice the trashy products have at that point is to either improve or dissapear.

I’m sure some of these awful planes will eventually turn into good planes as they’re updated but some devs were just too impatient to get them to market, which in turn could harm the product in the long run and result in people not buying it because it was so bad on release or because the dev’s reputation has been permanently damaged (no matter how good their intentions for updates are).


We had a similar topic discussing the quality of Bredok’s products.

Also Jorg made it very clear on the livestream that they are not going to curate the marketplace. So the products such as Typhoon will not be removed.

Agreed 100%. Bredok3d is in my ‘never-buy-anything-from’ list permanently.

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