Remove "Good Day"

While not proper I’ve heard “…departure thirty-thirty nothing see yuh!” while flying online.

I can understand “good day” can be annoying… but I’d say it’s probably more annoying for all the non-American players having to put up with everything being spoken with an American accent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect an ATC overhaul will be the main feature of a future patch somewhere down the line. Hopefully it will add more regional accents, as well as improved terminology.


“So long!” is another big one.

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I don’t think it should be removed, perhaps the frequency and randomness of greetings could be implemented instead. To be honest, I probably have heard more greetings than not in recent years - maybe not the “goooood day” however! If I’m swapping freqs I’ll usually tell the controller to have a good one or just “see ya”. :stuck_out_tongue: I think my favorite I’ve heard was a turbo commander who signed off with “byeeeee” to Miami center. Lol

I actually quite like it.

I’m flying in Africa almost exclusively at the moment and using MS local voices rather than Azure (can’t remember which US Lang voice pack I have installed but it’s got some great accents…one of my ATC guys sounds like Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard and another sounds like he smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day…it’s much better than Azure…and now they say “good day” too.

I’m totally ok with it.


I think it adds a touch of realism, but I agree that it does feel clunky in its current implementation.

If you want to remove it, go to your fs-base\en-US.locPak file and locate these lines:

  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.0.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.0.tts": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.1.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.1.tts": "Good day.",

Change them to this:

  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.2.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.2.tts": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.3.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.3.tts": "Good day.",

That being said, I have modded my own ATC a lot, and I actually have it written as this, which sounds a lot more realistic:

  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.0.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.0.tts": "Goodday.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.1.text": "Good day.",
  "ATCCOM.AGNT_HUMAN.1.tts": "Goodday.",

Also, any time that AGNT_HUMAN is called, I remove the period from the .tts entries before it so that it is spoken faster. Like changing this:

  "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_ATC_TERMINATED.0.tts": "{callsign_shortened}, ATC services terminated. {AGNT_HUMAN}",'

to this:

  "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_ATC_TERMINATED.0.tts": "{callsign_shortened}, ATC services terminated {AGNT_HUMAN}",'

This is what it sounds like:

Beware that this file will get overwritten with every update, so this has to be updated every month!

CC: @TomZ85 and @Aristarcus86 (who mentioned speeding it up)


I don’t mind the use of the “good day”, but when it’s overused it becomes annoying.

Maybe have it change to “Cheers!” or “Top 'O the Morning” or something? Maybe say “Happy New Year” on Jan 1. Would be nice to have some variety.

I like it. :wink: I’d be even better with “Away with you!”


I vote for “Begone, thot!”


I love it! Let’s do it! Everyone vote for “Begone, thot!” :wink:

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:bulb: Maybe it is set to that (“Good day”) since the in-game ATC may not know if it is morning, afternoon, or evening. “Good day” is a time-agnostic greeting.

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I’ll vote for “Live long and prosper”

When you switch to a new controller, they should say “Ba weep granna weep ninny bong.”

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I took a discovery flight a couple of weeks ago and heard a KSNA tower controller and a pilot have the exaggerated “seeee yuhhh” exchange. The CFI said they like to mess around in the evenings. So it’s not unprecedented to hear it IRL too, I guess. I assumed, just like you, that this behavior was only seen online and was just people on VATSIM messing around.

Here’s the video:

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Oh, I know it’s not uncommon irl. You can hear it a lot on ATC videos.

Listen to just about any location with LiveATC. “Good day” is very common. Also talking fast like an auctioneer.

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It’s the way they say it. It’s almost like they aren’t certain if they really want you to have a good day or not.

I’ve changed it to a simple “bye”, I was thinking, what do we usually say in European airspace, usually it is good morning, afternoon, evening, in the local language if possible, since this is not an option “bye” is the second commonly used in real life I would say.

Should be changed to mmmKay. :grinning: