Remove ground vehicles from active taxiways!

So tired of having fuel trucks running along the taxiways in conflict with planes… Please fix this, and please fix vehicle AI so that they do not cross runways or taxiways if a plane is approaching. KSBA was especially bad for this when I did a flight last week. Total immersion destruction.

I’ve never been to an airport without ground vehicles. I think removing them would be less immersive.

Obviously you don’t want them intruding on the runway, and I have a local airport that a truck keeps driving down the main taxiway that is extremely thin and stops in front of me making me drive on the grass to go around so obviously there can be some improvement here, but total immersion destruction is a touch dramatic.

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I feel your pain. I wrote up a bug during the Alpha about this. The general consensus (of the testers, not Microsoft or Asobo) was that since there isn’t any collision detection associated with ground vehicles, then just go ahead and drive through them as if they weren’t even there.

Not an ideal solution I agree, but that seems to be where it was left.



First visit to the internet? Hyperbole is how its done my friend :grin:

Can’t speak for your local field, but I don’t think I’ve ever flown from an airport where the ground vehicles didn’t monitor traffic and move accordingly.

Try a landing on KSBA 19R, and as the vehicles cross the runway with reckless abandon, tell me that doesn’t bust immersion. If the AI ATC can keep track of what runway it has assigned you, then the AI vehicles should know that the runway is in use. Same with AI Ground control, you’re given your taxiways, so AI should be excluded from them on those larger fields.

I have also noticed at a few places, ground vehicles using the taxiway even though a vehicle access road runs parallel to it. Needs quite a bit of clean up.


Agreed, I think they could prevent ground vehicles from entering runways at all (just stay on their side of the airport) and stay off your designated taxiways. I just don’t agree with removing them.

I actually like a number of instances where ground vehicles were moving across or in front of me and ATC asked me to hold short and then continue taxiing. I though that was pretty cool.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the internet. Just found out about it yesterday. Do you know that you can send mail electronically instantly to someone? :wink:


Oh, I think you misunderstood, I wasn’t asking in the original post to remove them entirely, just that they shouldn’t be impinging on player aircraft.

Welcome to the internet! Watch out for Nigerian Princes who need your help recovering millions from a failed regime, my understanding is that at least 50% of the time they are trying to scam you. :shushing_face:


I was on taxi to the runway tonight, and there was van parked head on for me right in the middle. I swerved around it, then off to my left I spotted three refuelling stations, right next to each other.

I’m not sure what logic is placing these, but I assume it’s the AI currently running triage on Zendesk. :wink:

Does anyone know if there’s something going to be in the SDK, or if there’s some kind of allowence for “Internal Access Roads” (Service Roads within an Airport) in MSFS, and if the service vehicles can be allocated to use those roads for pathfinding, along with some kind of ‘Exclude’ for utilizing Aircraft pathways?

Ah, I misunderstood. Apologies, I read active taxi ways as in all the taxi ways that you can use, which is essentially removing ground vehicles. I get it now. I guess all I can say is yes. I agree!

Also… so what you are telling me is that 50% of the time I’m going to receive millions from Nigerian princes.

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Also… so what you are telling me is that 50% of the time I’m going to receive millions from Nigerian princes.

Well, more to the point, at least 50% of the time you will not receive the money.

What vehicles need is their proper roads, and respect the aircraft priority.

Unless fire trucks, pushbacks and ops vehicles, you will rarely see any other vehicle on the taxiway (not even talk about runway).

The one who designed airports forgot this and the flood lights for the ramp.

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I raised a ticket about the lack of ramp lighting and received a reply telling me it would be passed to the devs lol.

The aircraft landing lights are rubbish too. They point straight ahead, not onto the runway.


Glad that’s not just me then. The landing lights on the TBM are useless. The flashing taxi lights are fine though, and appear brighter probably because they are actually shining on the ground.

100% agree, on my last flight after I finished and taxied to a parking location to shut down the plane, a fuel truck just casually drove directly into the parking space I had chosen and stopped there. It was clipped inside my cockpit so I couldn’t even see the switches to finish shutting down the plane, really broke my immersion and caused me lot of annoyance. The least they can do is add some AI so that vehicles don’t just completely ignore you and drive right into you. This never happened to me in X-Plane.

X-plane is a sim. FS2020 is not…not yet anyway.

It’s just a mess at present. A pretty mess certainly, but a mess none the less.


I’m not sure how you can really fix or prevent such problems unless the ATC coding gets more complex. Right now, ATC has the logic of a 2 year-old and easily puts two vehicles nose to nose without hesitation. Its not the lack of roadways, its the lack of complex logic when ATC should clear an aircraft to taxi, or the other way or having vehicles find alternate routes to where they desire to go. To be honest, IRL ive come across many vehicles that cut right across me on the ramp, so… I feel your pain, but I don’t think adding something that really isn’t there in reality is the solution.

Better yet, when an aircraft approaches a vehicle on a taxiway, they should drive off and away into the grass. I’ve witnessed that with light trucks and SUVs for airport vehicles. But still…

Yeah there’s a bunch of teeth cutting to be done with this sim, vehicles sometimes behave, most often not. They should by definition be collision objects. The fuel trucks I drove most definately were, not that any of us tested that theory.

Entering taxiways and crossing runways was never taken lightly, needless to say. There were perhaps only a handful of times, if that, when tower forgot about me holding short to which the courtesy was to remind them after a period of time “Montair 1 holding short of runway 1.” Usually came back with a slight chuckle and clearance to cross but yeah, needs to be looked into at some point.

This is more a bug to report to zendesk, than a wishlist/feature request.

To be fair, Xplane 11 / P3D have plenty of ground vehicles running into my planes, driving all over the place as well.

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The ATC is an almost direct port from FSX, complete with all the same problems. Asobo confirmed this in one of their interview videos…though they didn’t mention the problems were still there.

Amen brother! This problem is very distracting and it is virtually hazardous. In this regard AI has a low Artificial Intelligence quotient of 50! Messes up an otherwise good landing and taxi. Be patting myself on the back while taxiing and find I’m doing a face-to-face with an airport vehicle. Also, while fueling up in my designated ramp parking, some service vehicles, especially fuel trucks, drive right through my aircraft wings!

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