Remove Non-Generic AI Registration Decal

When using non-generic aircraft for AI models, the registration number is not displayed, but a large blank rectangle replaces it on the livery, resulting in unrealistic disruption of the livery design.

This seems like a bug or an error in the livery rather than a missing feature in MSFS?
Perhaps you/the livery is missing the tailnumber image/file.

When selected as the player’s aircraft the textures are normal, including the registration number.

This issue happens with all non-generic aircraft when being used as AI aircraft. The AI aircraft doesn’t have an assigned tail number, so it’s replaced with this blank space.

In your graphics settings select Use Generic Plane Models (AI Traffic) to off and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yes you are right. I hope they will fix it in future some random tailnumbers are better than no ones. But also the Multiplayer Aircrafts have no Tailnumbers but this would be easy I don’t know why it is so at the moment.

Hi there,
Are you still seeing this happen?

Yes, this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

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