Remove the "auto finish" for ground services (baggage, catering, passenger stairs, etc.)


Please remove the “auto finish” for ground services such as baggage, catering, passenger ramps. The player should press a button to end the service.

AGREE - Ground Services should NOT be accessed via ATC / radio menu. Add a “GROUND SERVICES” menu to the toolbar. Each of the services can be listed with a toggle button beside it. The pushback option should have 4 options (pushback straight, left, right, stop) . This menu should be accessible even when the aircraft is powered off.
If, for whatever reason, one of the ground services is NOT available at a particular airport, that specific option can be greyed out in the list.


I’ve noticed that ground crew do not do there jobs for too long. I have a fix that I have been thinking about, what if you could select how long you would like the ground services to do there job for. If you were in a hurry, you could select a short amount of time. If you want a realistic experience, you could select a longer amount of time. This would apply to only fuel, catering, and baggage.

Let me add this is not a third party mod I am just simply requesting this feature to be added later on.

I had posted the same suggestion but I have little to no knowledge on how to do it !

One thing that I noted is - ground services are only available at certain gates and partially available at others (just jetway connection or catering truck). At the gates they aren’t available this is what I see

  1. Jetway doesn’t connect with the aircraft
  2. No baggage service
  3. No catering service
  4. No pushback tug
    Does it also limit the AI density at the airport in any way?
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It could be nice to have a setting in the game options so that the default ground services time is either “quick” (what we have now) or “realistic” (how long it takes for services to be complete in real life). That would probably be easier to implement than a system that requires a UI to be developed, and might be less tedious than selecting the service time after every landing.


Agree on this

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Why does the stair truck actually pull away by itself after about 30 seconds ???

Dear Asobo team, could you please fix this soon. That can’t be that much. The gangway car drives away by itself. And the suitcase car only empties one car and not all 3. As well as, if you started at the gate, they have to put suitcases in. And when you landed they have to unload suitcases. Please fix it soon! Thanks in advance.


Agree about stairs, baggage or catering truck. Why autodisconnect? Let us select when service should be connected or disconnected. Same about GPU. It disconnects after a few seconds.


Totally agree with all the above. Stairs are very annoying along with many airframes not able to open doors, bad simulation, especially as I wish to use Self Loading Cargo to simulate the loading of PAX!


Title self-explanatory really; when called for over the radio, ground equipment & stairs/jetways disconnect after roughly 30 seconds, every time.

I don’t know why they implemented it that way or who thought it was a good idea to do it this way, but anything connected to aircraft should only be disconnected upon request by the player and definitely not after 30 seconds.


IRL those kind of ground operations take time. Way more than scale of seconds.

I think that’s why they have coded this way.

Kind regards.

Well I don’t want to spend an hour waiting for my baggage and catering to finish loading before I can even start my flight.

Agree. Should be chosen by the player. 30 seconds is nearly pathetic.


You posted this as a reply to my original thread, but I don’t understand how what you said makes sense.

Yes, turnarounds typically take about an hour, so why does it make sense to disconnect them after 30 secs?

Unless you are saying people don’t want to wait an hour for pax and baggage so that’s why it’s 30 secs. Which would still be a moot point since my request was to make it driven by the player. So people can leave them connected to the plane for as long as they want, rather than the mandatory 30 secs which is ridiculous, annoying and makes no sense.


Who said you have to wait an hour? You connect and disconnect them whenever you want.
Why force a 30 sec limit when it makes more sense to leave it to the player?


Well, disconnecting baggage in the middle of the baggage loading isn’t realistic as well. Imagine they’re still loading half the baggage and the other half is still outside then you press to stop the baggage and leave it out.

The problem here is the stairs, they don’t treat the stairs the same way they do with jetways which is a persistent connection until the pilot says so. As for the other services, a setting with a timer would do, You know between Realistic, Quick, and Instant.


All you have to do is close the three wagons empty and not just one, so that should come from the time and then be more realistic. But you should take it into account in the animation when I start a flight that the suitcases go in and when I arrive then empty “all” luggage trolleys and not fill them up again but recognize.

Hi folks,

the ground equipment things are till now stupid coded. In the ATC menu is an option called “remove stairs” … FS is doing this automaticly after a very shorttime… hmmmmm … why ???

And please REMOVE that icing ■■■■ !!! :-p …

Greets Klaus

They seem to stay connected to the plane for like 1-2 mins and then they just disconnect and go back to their place. I would recommend to add an option where u get to choose for how long you want the trucks to stay connected to the airplane. This adds much more realism and life to the sim.