Remove unwanted AI traffic models/liveries

I want to prevent certain aircraft and liveries that I own from appearing as traffic or static aircraft at airports. Like the Bleriot, Spitfire,T-45 or the generic default ai aircraft. I mean, I really like these addons but I don’t want them as traffic as it is quite unrealistic. :wink:

In previous versions, you could edit the aircraft.cfg file and set the isAirTraffic=0. But it would be much better to do this in-game.

I did wonder where all the airliners went at my home airport and why the air force had moved in 8)

So first I turned on the use generic planes in Traffic menu which got the airliners back.

But I kinda liked the new default liveries and actually seeing a United airliner land in New Jersey
so I turned the use generic planes off again and then set the Traffic Variety to Low which seems to have kept the airliners but also brought back the new liveries for them.
At Medium Variety the military jets came back but in smaller amount so I tried beefing up the amount of AI ground planes to 100 and then I got more airliners back but still had some add on planes there as well.

So try fiddle a bit with those settings and see if you can come up with a result you like.
And be sure to start a new flight each time you make changes so they can kick in.

I hope this is a help 8)

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I am sure the AI system is still broken. I use AI-OFFLINE exclusivley and only have the AI models that are assigned to FP’s. I have deleted all other textures and models in each AI Aircraft folder and adjusted the aircraft.cfg to reflect this. This is just for testing, and I can add new liveries to a particular model, when I have a FP for it and the aircraft/airline is correct for the region/airports visited.

I still find that the AI Engine is not following/interpreting the installed FP’s correctly, ie, the flightplans set for each aircraft/airline. For example, I have 3 B738W’s in my AI_738 folder, a QFA, a FJI and and a VOZ, each with their respective model/texture folders.

Each of the 3 airline flightplans specifies a particular model, yet I still find a FJI 738 @ WADD, when it should be a VOZ 738. The FP for the Fiji 738 does not contain the airport WADD, so the AI engine is just randomly picking one of the 738’s from the 738 folder and is not looking at the FP, or at least, not interpreting it correctly.

Does anyone else see this? Your installed AI aircraft not being where they should be (in accordance with the AI Flightplan?)

Many folks that had installed custom offline AI at AIG boards, including myself, now have totally random liveries assigned to the bgl flightplans. The model is correct, but the airline is random.

Thanks a lot for your observations. I’ll try it over the weekend. Sounds like “hit and miss” :grin: But I would prefer to see the “old system” working again to have more control which models and which liveries will appear as ai traffic.

It would seem apparent, the AI System in MSFS I think is clearly broken STILL, LoL

I am only using AI OFFLINE exclusively, and am finding that with just one traffic file installed (Default one disabled) the AI engine is displaying the correct number of aircraft at a given time at, in this case YSSY (and as evidenced by LittleNavMap) but appears to be substituting other liveries of the same model .

To test this, the only AI traffic file installed is for QFA 738’s You will see on the first pic, there is a couple of QF 738’s in the pic, but the other remaining “Qantas” 738’s are of the indo airline Sriwijaya.

You will see in the second pic, I have even gone to the trouble of separating the 738’s in the community folder, and also deleted all the models and textures of the other liveries in the aircraft.cfg file so its just one aircraft folder and one livery, to try to get the AI engine to properly display the AI traffic flightplan correctly, but as you can see, No Joy, LoL

I was hoping that this approach, rather than all the textures and models in one folder, would stop the AI engine substituting

LittleNavMap is displaying the correct REG No and origin/destination (as in the fligplans.txt file) but as you can see the labels on LNM are displaying the actual airline iivery that is parked in the sim, which does not correspond to the reg number. PK- being Indonesia and VH- being Australia

Is anyone else finding that different liveries of the same model are being substituted?

Any info may help me work out why the AI Engine is substituting other liveries of the same model, when it should be spawning multiple models of the same livery. In this case, they should all be QF738’s as thats all thats specified in the aircraft.txt/flighplans.txt before and after its been compiled by AIFP

Any thoughts people? :slight_smile:

I made the same observations as you, I tried different tweaks as experimenting different values for flags such as “icao_generic” in aircraft.cfg files, with no change of behaviour: since WU4 correct models are loaded, but repaints (i.e. airlines) are random.
I think (and I’ve read this opinion elsewhere too) that this is a bug and there’s nothing we can do until Asobo fixes it.

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Bought the Bird Dog and now I got tiny Cessnas all over and like no airliners desipte Traffic is set to use generic only.
So yes def totally broken!


Possible fix in case others should have tiny Cessnas all over the place X)

Delete the Bird Dog in Content Manager.
Set generic AI traffic to off.
Restart the sim.
Re-install the Bird Dog.
Set generic AI traffic to on.
Change amount of ground planes.
Start a new flight with a default plane.
And the generic airliners should be back.

Blue skies!

Since the last update I find a much more diverse and random selection of aircraft places around airports (Real world traffic is disabled.) While I have long wanted more then the limited selection of generic airliners (all Airbus?), now I have a lot of F-15s, G-91s, MB-339 at airport gates all over the world. Even at a tiny local grass strip aerodrome there was an F-15 placed by a hanger. Obviously this is wildly unrealistic.

How can I specify which aircraft (add on or default) and which liveries can be auto placed and which cannot? Ideally there’d be a white list and/or a black list for this?

What at people using to add actual airline liveries? Is there a way to do that per airport? I’d love to specify the actual airlines seen at CYVR to show up in sim at CYVR??

Static aircraft are chosen based on which liveries are enabled for use as a static aircraft for that aircraft type (GA etc etc). Thus if you had, for example, the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose with 50 liveries all enabled for AI use, then you would see the Spruce Goose everywhere even in the Nairobi Desert. Though maybe not at GA parking if GA is disabled in the config.

To reduce the number of F15 showing up just go into the F15 livery files and disable some (or all) of them for Ai use. I think the setting to change in each livery config file is the isAirTraffic=1 line, set it to zero.

Thanks for that explanation. But that is going to get very old very fast as I keep updating aircraft and liveries. It’s really strange to me that there wouldn’t be some better way in the sim to control this, ideally, by location. Specify this per airport as needed.

It definitely lacks granularity.

Seeing a Grumman Goose parked at a dirt strip in the Aussie outback 800 miles from the nearest water for example is a bit odd.

Also cutting back on how many of a particular plane appear necessitates reducing the variety of liveries that appear.

Similarly getting more of a plane requires you to duplicate (or download new) liveries so there are more liveries for the AI to choose.

I think there may be aftermarket addons available or in development that give better options. not sure though.

Well, I just downloaded tons and tons of airline liveries from MegaPack Hopefully that will increase the number of airliners at airports.

This is a pretty pathetic situation. Really destroys the sense of realism to see random and highly illogical aircraft placement. Dumbfounding this was considered a reasonable way to deal with this.

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Yep this was already discussed here and please do vote:

Unwanted AI traffic models/liveries - Bugs & Issues / Online Services & Activities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Blue skies!

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Voted. Only 7 votes including mine? I can’t believe this isn’t a bigger issue. It’s a ludicrous situation. Wildly unrealistic. Really mystifying Asobo thinks this is an acceptable situation.

I counted seven of the @GotGravel Vertigo Air Racers at my local strip a few days ago… :slight_smile:

At this rate the FBO is gonna need more Jet A!


I just voted on that topic as well. The problem with the current feedback system is there’s so many topics in the forum, and less people using the forum since launch, that most topics go unseen. That’s why the feedback snapshot hasn’t changed in months. There needs to be an easier way to find stuff to vote on.


I wasn’t aware of the Vertigo! Good stuff! Downloaded!

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here’s an idea - how about MSFS adds some selections to the aircraft fuel and payload screen. The same one that lets you move the CG around. Here you could select whether you want the plane used as AI or not - you could select whether to load the plane with pilot seated or not (if the doors and canopies opened you could then do a proper walkaround, then when you select ‘pilot view’ that would also activate the ‘visible pilot’ in the airplane. Also it would be great if you could select to spawn inside of an available hangar from this menu and without the pilot seated as this is realistic. No one I know fires up their airplane inside the hangar and taxi’s out. I don’t think any of these options would be difficult to implement and would add to realism somewhat.
Also - as to opening doors and canopies - we used to fire up the ol Cherokee and had to leave the door opened a crack (unlatched) from startup until we reached the active runway ‘runup’ area. This was so we could get out of the airplane quickly in case of smoke or fire. It was procedure, and not because our brand new 1973 Cherokee Arrow II was a heap. Same was true on landing. As soon as we exited the runway we cracked the door open and taxied to parking with it unlatched.
It would be great therefore if all of the doors and canopies could be opened, closed, and partially opened (a three position option for doors - and positionable sliding canopies on all aircraft) instead of them all being either INOP or having only two choices (fully open or fully closed) as it is now.
Airliners are different - but all GA and warbirds should have the extra options

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So, I downloaded the “best of” livery mega pack, and their additional aircraft mod. I don’t know if it was just random chance, or by design, but CYVR had more Air Canada airliners than anything else by a good margin, which is more or less accurate. The remaining airliners seemed a little iffy, but not obviously wrong, good number of Westjet is about right. American and United seemed missing, there’s a few Delta, plausible.

But still, a good number of F-15s, MB-339, G-91s at passenger gates. But I can try editing those cfg files. But it is unfortunate anything not categorized as airliner is being placed at passenger terminals. But still much less than before adding the mega packs.

Anyways, this is a huge, very noticable improvement over the mostly fighter/trainers I was getting. So, certainly worth a try. Curious about other airports, because it does seem like some logic or settings or lists somewhere are resulting in a more accurate mix of airlines than a truly random selection would. Very curious what others get with these mega packs at various airports.

The only constructive criticism is there was a good number of very saturated purple trees, I’ve never seen anything like that around Vancouver. But blossoming trees I do see here in Spring tend to be white or pink. Perhaps the blossoming trees in general could be a bit less common by default? Less outside areas they have been specifically placed. They are a nice touch, lovely in areas known to have the blossoming trees, but perhaps a little less “is more” overall.