Reno Air races P51 Mustangs are not flyable

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If i start flight from runway after i take park brake off and apply power the aircraft just starts turning hard right like a brake is on but i do not have my feet any where near my rudder pedals. If i Taxi to the runway from a parking spot i can get the plane to go down the runway till it hits a certain spot where it then starts to go left with full right rudder and then hits objects and flights over And if i start flight from the air the flight controls don’t respond and it instantly goes into a stall, Anyone experience these sort of issues?

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Logitech G Flight yoke and rudder pedals

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Tried flying the P51 on keyboard from start point of 1500 agl and its not flyable. Loaded up the Pitts special from the air race pack and they fly fine

Is the Flight Model set to MODERN?
Legacy can make planes UNFLYABLE.