Reno L-39 Albatros glitching

I’ve been flying the L-39s outside of the race environment and I’ve noticed a glitching in three of them - American Patriot, American Spirit and Athena.

With American Patriot there’s a camera glitch when adjusting controls like throttle and flaps - the camera pov drops suddenly for a few moments so you can’t see forward and then returns just as suddenly. The other two are similar with the cockpit disappearing very briefly when changing views with the hat switch.

Has anyone else been seeing this?

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I also am seeing this and it makes it pretty much not flyable.
its upsetting becuase i enjoy flying it not only in the reno races but even in Normal VFR around cannons ect… i was thinking about making a back up copy and then copying the camera files from the reg L-39 that comes with reno over to the Patriot.? Has anyone tried this yet or does anyone have a fix for this.

so judging by the lack of reply’s ect… Noone else is experiencing this i would love to get some sort of patch for this because i bought the Patriot to fly it and its useless at this point.

No glitching for me. But the default position of the pilot’s view is wrong. If you turn your head to your 4 or 8 you will not see your wingtips and this is wrong. You seat too low and too far from the cockpit.

Are you flying the Patriot variant.? and are you on PC or Xbox.

PC. I fly the Patriot variant as well. I checked her one more time, and yes, there are something wrong. In my case, it is not affected by flaps or other controls, but if I return to do the pilot view from other views, the view jumps up and then down quickly.

But when I fly from my custom view presets everything works fine. There are a few videos for PC users on setting custom views. Just one thing - given if button combinations are preset in the menu already, input them again and save to work.

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