Repeated CTD's &

After much frustration i have found a fix that actually makes the game playable for me, it always CTD at the world map in certain places (i.e. alaska by seward), i started playing around with my settings and found that simply turning my graphic settings down to High-End made the game stop crashing entirely for me, i have had 5 hours crash free and counting. Just to play devils advocate i changed back to ultra and it immediately crashed again. Hope this helps at least one person.


I disable ASUS GPU TWEAK II apps and all working fine as this is the only apps I install for my GPU after reinstall back my windows 10.

Now no more CTD. Yesterday after doing this, I manage to fly for 7 hours without CTD.

Today I start again the SIM and no CTD too.

Hope ASOBO can start looking at this as why even a standard clocking CTD the sim.

So, I have been playing since the sublogic days. Yes, I am old now.

You know, there have always been awful bugs, but this is not about bugs.
From the beginning this thing has had unacceptable problems. The panels used to freeze, the VFR map will consistently crash the game, and, give me a break, we could not turn on the A320 5 times out of 4.
Now we have learned to live with critical bugs, the autopilot will not work in manual mode, it will turn who knows where, even when you just hit “LVL”, and don’t even talk about loading times and basic performance.

Do you believe Asobo did not know about all of that ??

But now the game is finally unplayable. I mean, how many successful games do you remember like this? Yes there has been games with bad issues, but to then deliver an update and brick the game?? Because at the moment it is bricked for all purposes. Another team would take this as a p1 emergency and rollback the update, but ASOBO is just trying to minimize the problem.

No, this is not about bugs. It is about leadership that cares s#### about quality, vision, the developers, but only cares about sales, reducing costs, and promotions. Yes, I am sure big bosses got promoted and developers are being fired. These mess only happens when developers stop caring and are pushed to do things in half the time needed to do the right thing. This only happens with managers that think that careful coding and design is useless when you can just deliver and fix anything afterwards. So yes, this is about idiotic management.

I don’t want to scare you, but for all you non developers, and as Peter Druker used to say ‘Quality is built in, not tested in’. The software is ■■■■, that is why it is slow, buggy and very difficult to fix. The product might never be stable.

At this point this might only be salvageable with major re-engineering and refactoring.
The delivered a hot fix in just a few days. That is actually a bad indication. The issues are so severe that it is clear that major refactoring and reengineering is needed. Adding hacks (band aids) to unstable code will only make it more fragile. But off course, first they need real leadership making though decisions. And to let go the guy who said “fix it by the weekend, or else…”

Yes we are screwed. Asobo is screwed.


All said and done folks…we need the CTD issue looked into on PRIORITY. If Simmers can’t even get past the MAP or FLY stage, takling about all other issues like frame rates, textures, clouds, temperature etc, etc are irrelivant. You gotta fly first to observe all these issues. For many of us, we aint even getting into the Cockpit. let alone fly!

I really miss the thrill of flying pre 27th JULY…really hoping that they can get the CTD issue resolved.


Good to read you’re able to run without ctd. The question is if its the sim’s fault because the ctd you posted mentioned “6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Turing_3D”. It’s possible the Asus app is doing a modification/optimization which creates an instability.

But, happy flying!

CTD: Upon landing. Wheels stop and BAM! CTD.
CTD: Try and load a flight from the MSFS flight planner. BAM! CTD.
CTD: Turn ON MSFS. Gets to main screen BAM! CTD.
CTD: Mid flight in the HUSKY. 2 stutters and BAM! CTD
CTD: Update anything from MSFS PROFILE and BAM: CTD with a REQUIRED REPAIR of the entire sim.
I am at the end of my rope. Every time they upgrade, they trash the entire sim. Did Microsoft take control of this sim over ASOBO?
WHY AM I continually dumping add-on $$$ into this HOLE?
Community folder has been EMPTY since SU5. THIS IS BS ASOBO!

i have removed everything out of my sims communaty folder and still get this constantly,
am geting to the point of not being able to fly at all.

this is out of the event viewer.

Faulting application name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Faulting module name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000001f45d54
Faulting process id: 0x24e0
Faulting application start time: 0x01d78c50e0c0d1ef
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.18.15.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.18.15.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe
Report Id: 0deb97d7-1894-4e3a-8ada-3d95dd465348
Faulting package full name: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.18.15.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
Faulting package-relative application ID: App

Well, the admins merged my post above into this one when the title has nothing to do with After 11 months since release, pushing 550 posts on this thread alone and now we get to wait another few weeks for them to FIX IT again. Silence from Asobo.
This sim was pushed out at least a year too soon by the likes of Microsoft. Instead of giving us what we paid for, they pushed out XBOX. Why??? Money! You and I are hosed and the funny part about it is that they knew it from the beginning.

I can’t even get into the main menu before it crashes!! MS F’ed the flight simulator community again!! This time they took a lot of money - at least “Flight” was free.


Thanks but I think it is the sim fault. Its not fully optimised. Maybe the SIM was running on a pleb PC with default setting nothing else. wheras out there there are billions PC configuration. Mainly people are using ASUS, MSI other brands of PC hardware components.

If before this I can ran the same sim on current setup, why SU5 it break? CLearly its not my PC fault. Its the SIM. Its not fully optimised.

Its like you buying a bugatti veron but you were told to drive only 30mph.

I refuse to accept its my PC hardware issue. Its the SIM and ASOBO need to fix this ASAP so that others who still facing CTD and not that technical or have time to do what I’m doing to isolate and troubleshoot the problem will be able to enjoy the sim.


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Yeap, its not your fault its the simulator but if you have time, open a support ticket with Zendesk to lodge your issue. Post your PC setup as well so that they know what you and other are running the sim on.

Definitely unplayable for me, and it’s random. I get CTD loading into the menu, I got one two hours into a flight just moving the view around the cockpit.

I play through XBox gamepass PC and I cancelled it because of this, I’ll start paying again when it works. Cheers to you all.

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Mod Edit: This post (and a few subsequent posts) were moved from a duplicate thread. Info is useful here as directly related to this master thread on CTD in SU5 build

So, any of you who were reading along in the immediate aftermath of know that I was hit with a machinegun fire of CTD’s and I was vocal about it.

I tried literally everything and the CTD’s were merciless. Meanwhile all the eye-candy kids were like “YAY, mah clerrds er serxy again!”… None of it mattered to a few of us in CTD purgatory.

“YAY, mah terxtures lerk gud from orbit!!”

It was painful for those of us that seriously couldn’t fly 5 minutes without a crash.

I’m a 30 year veteran of PC flightsims, and system building and optimizing etc… But I’d get these responses about how I should check this and that (all stuff I check before breakfast, daily, etc)… And it got to the point where it was insulting.

Seriously, everything else runs great, but FS is CTD city… But somehow I’m the problem… Ok, I guess. whatever. I certainly ain’t gonna type my credential on every post, or try to argue with every forum warrior that I’m not an idiot… So I stopped talking about it and set about trying to figure out what the heck is going on (read that more accurately as – “Why are the pedestrians happy, but the techs are in CTD hell?”

Turns out that was a good line to follow.

I tried everything, I could find no fault on my system, everything is gravy… Every other game runs like a scared ape on this computer and flawless, but not MSFS…

So, I saw a post in the bugs forum, an overclocker who had results by setting his CPU back to stock. I thought that was interesting, but I’m not going to do it… But what I was willing to do was dial back my OC by 0.2 Ghz… So I did.

MSFS runs flawlessly again. Weird. I can literally think of no reason that would have worked, but it does. Sadly, some of my other CPU hog programs that require the other overclock now require a change of config to run well… This is a headache…

But the important bit is, MSFS ran fine by just pulling it back a little. The rest of you OC guys might try it.

I’m still not happy because there is no reason it shouldn’t work fine as it was… But the reality is it doesn’t work fine as it was.

Hopefully after the next round of patches I won’t need two different configs for my system to run everything (I didn’t need two different configs prior to SU5, so I still blame MSFS and not my build)… But at least now I know how to make it work.

As ever, your mileage may vary – But if you’re frustrated, I hope it might help you.


People buying non b die, dual rank ram kits rated at 3600, ctd too. Its difficult to get ram speeds up to that advertised speed. I have 18cl at 3600mhz in a prebuilt rig with a 3080. Single rank dimms are easy as pie and way more stable. All I did was xmp to 3600 and dial up voltage to 1.400 v. That stable ram allowed me to hit 2k gpu oc and a ■■■■ ton on gpu memory. Cant recall the number but its was 400 on top of stock.

I’ve tried this one before. You know, trying to help folks by explaining that the CTD’s are most likely due to an overclock somewhere but they refuse to even test it. They think that because their overclock worked up until the latest build that it should work now. But that’s not how overclocking works.

SU5 brought about a situation where memory is being loaded and unloaded far more often and so it’s much more likely to highlight overclocking instabilities in memory. CPU utilization is also way up and so more likely to increase instability in CPU overclocking.

FS2020 is a great game to test overclocking instability.


Thanks for that. Im running my i5 9600k on 5ghz whereas 4.6ghz is the stock boost clock.

I have CTDs when approaching airports or panning my camera when trying ultra settings. Then the game stutters and freezes and the screen is locked, then the pc reboots.

Sometimes its a classical sudden CTD of death out of nowhere.

Might give it a try…

I tried it without OC, but still CTD. Before it happened an AI plane was making strange "360s"on the runway of the Airport EDDF and it wasnt possible to push any button in the jet.

I was so happy to see this post. The problem is a lot of people wont follow your advice. Why? Because I’ve seen it where users say “everything else runs great on my system so MSFS should be fine with an overclock” or “I ran my rig on Prime95 for 24 hours with an overclock and its stable.”

Thank you for posting it though. It needs to be stated again and again.

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Honestly, a machine that stable shouldn’t have trouble with MSFS… But it does.

I don’t think any overclocker needs to have a moment to internalize it… I think Asobo needs to look at where they went over… Because clock is just clock. Faster shouldn’t break just under this one set of rules.

I’d love if we lived in a world where Asobo broke the foundations of computing and created a new ‘too fast’, but they haven’t. They’ve created a bottleneck, and slowing my PC fixes the bottleneck that breaks their program, and only their program.

When one program alone needs a slower CPU, that program is the problem. Lets not take this off in a weird way.

But, this program needs a slower CPU, and if you want to avoid CTD… That might help you do it.

Asobo needs to fix a bottleneck. But this is a way to live with it.


I am following the advice now since the hotfix, but still CTD s!