Replay Mode Is Here

Well I just bought this add on in the Simmarket sale I’m really looking forward to having replays available in MSFS in the near future. No doubt it will improve my flying in this sim going forward.

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Also just purchased V4 from simmarket ready for when MSFS support is released. Looking forward to it.

@Kartijno if you are still looking for Beta testers for this I am happy to participate :smile: :+1:



Quick question…Does Flight Control Replay display the movement of aircraft surfaces such as flaps, ailerons, gear, and rudder during the playback?

Is Flight Control Replay even available yet!!?!?!?!

I am itching to purchase it, but impatient for the function.

If it isnt and we dont hear soon, I will buy the other product above.

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Only available product atm is fsplayground
Works excellent for me and the developers offering great support.


Hi all i refreshed my announcement post :

And i m working hard finish work for Closed Beta 2 .

End january i hope finish all things and go Live with RTM :wink:

Stay tuned !


Purchased, but now a bit worried its not coming to MSFS anytime soon.

I started beta test one month ago , i dont had any major issues notified … a lot of youtubers and creators are in the beta team ! It is real :smiley:

Stay tuned!

Thanks Fabio I will wait then. Good luck!

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Any news on release Fabio? It’s approaching end of January :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:


Patience and I hope you ll be happy :joy:

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I noticed this has now been released, no idea how long ago it came out, I must have missed the announcement. Tried it quickly last night and replay runs very smooth. It’s so much better to be able to replay and review landings. I recorded a landing in the A320 then sat back in the passenger seat window view while in VR and just admired the view down to the ground. Brilliant! Thanks Fabio :+1: Just one thing I did notice though was that the replay speed in VR appeared slower than real-time. Not had much time to play around with it yet so it may have been my fault, was just a quick test flight late last night.

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Whaaaaat? I’ve been waiting for this in great anticipation too, thanks for posting! I don’t think there was an announcement anywhere… Fabio, you really should! :slight_smile:



Yes !!! You are right the announcements machine and promotions started today !!!

I purchased it as soon as I read it :slight_smile: (though I didn’t see any promotional price yesterday)

In any case, unfortunately I’m having major issues, trying it out last night I had a handful of full MSFS crashes. I suspect it has something to do with me using the WT CJ4 (which has a lot of custom code), might not be compatible…

Hi !

Do you put ainoffline and g.a traffic and airline slider to 0 ?

Thanks f

I have multiplayer disabled, and no AI (online traffic only, so sliders aren’t available). I can try with traffic completely off.



If you use FCR options “Load Replay Without load initial flight situation” you CAN LEAVE AI REAL TIME and AI TRAFFIC …:stuck_out_tongue:
if you uncheck this option you must put AI OFFLINE and G.A and airline sliders to 0 until ASOBO dont fix this behaviour i hope in next simupdate (he told me)

Does that include 'Online traffic only", can I leave this enabled too?


If you use this option (flag it into fcr options ) … yes :call_me_hand: