Request LTFM Istanbul New Airport

It is a pity that Istanbul New Airport, one of the biggest airports in the world, is not in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Can you import the LTFM airport by hand or default?

We hope you can import it as soon as possible.

Best Regards.

I agree until the end definitely must


We would definetely like to see the new airport :slight_smile:


Yeah I found it weird that this airport wasn’t there had to use the other one…


Agree 100%. From this and other discrepancies I get a feeling the baseline airport data used in the sim is many years old.


Hey all! That is what i found today!

If LiveTraffic is on, real planes flying to LTFM, but LTFM doesn’t exists in the game (that looks not so good). I know, that is because of Bing data, there is no current bing maps from the airport. But can you import the LTFM airport by hand.

Thank you so much!

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+1, this is big deficiency. FS2020 look like crippled without New Istanbul Airport. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible.


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Will, there be an update to FS2020 with the LTFM DEFAULT Scenery, I would love to see the default scenery of LTFM in FS2020…

  • It’s a must-have for our team, currently we are developing the Istanbul New Airport Payware scenery and there is no default scenery.

  • everyone has his tastes, some like default sceneries some like custom sceneries.

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try to look up that airport in Bing maps, if it’s not there (maybe due to mixed military/civilian use, or other reasons (maybe the government requested it to be blocked), the AI can’t use the map data to auto-generate it.

If I look for that ICAO on Bing maps, I get a ‘not found’ message.

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

No, it has nothing to do with government reasons, bing doesn’t like to update their satellite images :stuck_out_tongue:

your best bet is to report it to Zendesk then (with as much info as you have available), and it might be added in a future world update.

Glad to hear that you’re working on LTFM Scenery. So excited about this massive airport ! Feel free o share your progress

Well, I am going to disappoint you now, we are developing LTFM in one kind of way that we will be the last developer of LTFM. We don’t want to hype people up like what the Turkish Virtual and then after 2 years of progress release nothing. All I can say now that we are now in the texturing phase and that most of the modelling is done!

We are not in a hurry or competing against someone :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the opening of LTFM, many things have been changed and keeps on changing (aprons, taxiways, some buildings etc…) Catching things up gets confusing. As far as I know, TurkishVA does not have any relation with the current version of the LTFM (v1 and v2), they only share the project on their website.
As a team who also develops LTFM (Freeware), I can definitely confirm that this airport is a really complex project to work on.

As you’ve mentioned this is not a competition, I would be so happy to see and use a payware alternative of this airport. I’m sure that your team will publish a beautiful and accurate project. :+1:t2:

Yes and i was talking about why i am not sharing and hyping the community up like the unprofessional developers of LTFM v1. Aprons, taxiways and buildings never changed. It only expanded.

Thank you for your support!


It is surprising that the world’s new biggest airport is missing. It does not even appear in it’s location because Bing map is very old dated for Istanbul.

I was just about to make the same topic and found yours. It would be amazing to see this airport in the sim. It’s such an amazing design. Definitely could see it as a premium airport. Hoping that’s why it’s not out yet and there are some programmers working away at it.

Stay cool, just take this one:

there is also a lite version:


How can Microsoft explain the fact that such a large and important airport, as the new Istambul Airport (LTFM) is missing in FS2020?