Request to postpone the official release of SU10

request to postpone the official release of SU10 for September the Beta is degraded after maj it is not possible to release this version for the general public… Sorry for the English angle, it’s not my native language.


Unfortunatelly I have to agree. This is far from being a mature enough version to become a public release.



Gotta agree, the last 2 beta mini-updates have been rather underwhelming and regressed on various improvements.


Assuming your saying performance is your main concern, have you tried V-Sync off and deleting usercfg.opt?

I wish this forum had the ability to set up auto-signature for high level system profiles. It would be so much easier to single out common threads when trying to understand why some say they’re seeing a degradation while others say they’re seeing an improvement in our beta releases.
I’m sure this must have been requested before.


I run G-sync, which means V-sync has to be off, and I have the same bad results as people that run with V-sync on. The problem is the core, not the game settings.



So yes I deleted the CFG file yes a lot of problem if you see the votes the majority and null optimization I have rtx3080 ryzen 3600x 32ram Nvme DX11 2K setting high Tlod 100

I’m afraid I have to agree with this. There’s just no way that after experiencing SU10b1 Asobo would release this SU in it’s current state. It would be shameful and discouraging to do so. I mean, for the love of god, many of us have been waiting for that SU that will finally unleash this sims full potential. Waiting for that game changer. We saw that in SU10b1, and just like that, it was gone. What really gets me upset is that Asobo doesn’t even give a single bit of communication on the reason for these setbacks. It will all go forward like nothing. When Q&A come, they just play it like everything is perfectly fine and don’t even answer the real questions regarding these type of issues. Really starting to loose faith in this sim. But hey, that’s just me.


Then why are there so few votes (just 35 atm) on the Q&A topic about this performance degradation?


well Xbox user are seeing a performance increase. Sadly I feel that is the path this sim will be taking. Good for them, bad for us PC users.


for the moment there are 65 users who voted and the majority and not at all agree with 45% you will see after the Weekend the number of votes will increase


Asobo and MS take a bullet in the feet Xplane 12 are coming so Asobo should wake up and delay the SU10 for the good of the user or else direction XP12


You mean the votes on the postponement topic. I meant the Q&A topic about why the performance degraded between beta 1 and the later ones. I may not link, because that reaction will be taken down because of petitioning.

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The way this is looking now, it might be a very good idea. Besides all performance and stutter issues in DX12 in particular, there are also quite a few reported bugs and issues that have not been addressed yet. Get it right before releasing it, even if that means delaying the update a couple of weeks. Otherwise, there’s certainly going to be a lot of complaints.


Asobo, Please don’t release SU10 if the performance is not better than SU9


Whether to postpone or not is relatively simple: if you’re releasing the new main big feature of your update as an optional half-baked work-in-progress, in and of itself that’s fine, but in that case opting out should impose minimal penalties.

Right now, if I really value the performance gains from DLSS, I can at least weigh that against the blurry screens and the various new bugs that’ve been introduced elsewhere; but if I don’t value that as much, suddenly as a whole the current build offers little while still imposing major downsides.

Please at the very least before putting this out, get the broken seaplanes and the night lighting fixed, and maybe take another look into community feedback about performance.


After seeing what can be accomplished with SU10 B1, releasing it in the current state of the beta would leave a sour taste in my mouth.


Here is what Asobo gives us with the new version Su10 Beta frankly Asobo you really want to release officially this thing full of lag in the approach RTX 3080 Ryzen 3600x 32 Ram Nvme Settings Higt 2K Tlod 100


I agree with delaying the launch of SU10. Since most of the perf issue is due to TLOD settings and near the ground, and not much problem while flying in higher altitudes, i think DLSS won’t save the day on many systems. So until this CPU usage is optimized to SU9 or SU10 beta 1 level, I don’t think many will see any improvement other than the XBox user who allegedly have better performance, though I saw a few post in twitter reply complaining about XBox version as well. And as far as I know, unless connected to some certain displays with VRR, XBox version is capped to 30FPS anyway on a CPU equivalent to R7 3700X.

But, in that case, they need to fix the keybind issue that happens when we switch back to SU9 ALA losing most profiles and not being able to create new ones or edit existing ones. They can be modified for that session but as soon as we restart the sim, they are gone.


I think you are correct on LOD near to ground being the culprit. I can only achieve SU9 level of performance by dropping my LOD back to 200. I’ve had it at 300 since launch (via config file before the slider range was changed).

With RTX3090 + i712700K @5.0Ghz I should not need to do that!

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I can only add my voice and vote to this thread and hope that it is not a total waste of keyboard presses! The original Beta10 was amazing - in combination with DX12 I was getting the performance I’d hoped for 2 years since release and that lasted all of 10(?) days before the 1st core beta update. It’s almost as if Asobo are deliberately teasing us :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: In the interests of fairness I’ve come back to edit my post a couple of hours later. I’ve switched back to DX12 (which had become so poor over the beta updates that I’d stopped using it) and found a definite improvement in both smoothness and mainthread use in 1.27.14 - back to the original beta levels.