Restarting StandaloneModule.wasm

Is there a way to just restart the StandalonModule.wasm without restarting MSFS, in order to save time?

During testing of wasm code, I now update the wasm in the Community\my wasm\modules\ after making changes to the code. Then I restart MSFS to contine testing.

I want to just update wasm, restart the loading of the wasm to the running MSFS. Is that possible and if yes, how?

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Good question and very necessary!

I had the same question. As far as I can tel, there is no way to do this, which makes it quite painful to hack on a WebAssembly addon.


I noticed that the WASM module is reloaded by the sim, when you update the filesize value in the manifest.json file (or in the layout.json, don’t know by hearth). The reload is confirmed by the devmode console, it will mention the reload textually. Good luck, hope this helps you speed up your dev.


PS, I just notice this is already a quite old topic, but anyways.