Retired, Real World Pilot looking for others

I thought it would be great to have some retired folks who are actual pilots get together. (Retired NOT s requirement) I have high speed (250M/bps) internet. I make my own schedule now so I’m either flying, dimming or golfing. Tennessee.

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I am willing to jump online. I am a bit new still haha!

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I still need to get a mic hooked up but sounds good

I need to run up to Best Buy and get a new USB HUB. My just took a dump. I will PM you

When you say retired, do mean retired from flying? I am a private pilot, but no longer fly real airplanes. Didn’t fly professionally. I’m retired, though. What time zone are you in?

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Oh, Tennessee. Sorry. Same time zone, here. Florida. I’m in.

I am in Tennessee. I am retired in real life and only fly real planes occasionally. Can’t pass my medical.

I’m retired, not a real pilot, my skill level I would say is above average. I’m in if your still looking!

You betcha! Sounds fun. I need to run up to Best Buy and get a new USB HUB so I can hook up my Mic. They open in 1.5hrs.

I should be ready to rock in a few hours if ya’ll are interested. Put a flight together we we can fly.

I am in Australia here! I was in the US Air Force but never flew planes lol! I am liking the updates but the controls are a bit buggy at the moment. I was in the 787-10 and the fuel control switches don’t work and the aircraft will not stay at altitude. It’s driving me nuts lol!

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Default 787 has all kinds of problems. I was hoping Quality Wings would release their 787 for MSFS 2020 but they kind of gone quiet on that project :frowning:

I’m in Austin, Texas if anyone is interested.

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I’m having issues with installing the Update IV (France). It started to update but then hung. Now when I try to update it, I CTD! I’m looking fwd to flying with you all however please bear with me as I sort out the issues.

Meeting at KBNA Nashville. We can use DISCORD for coms is RWP_Turnip’s KBNA Server. Time 13:15 Nashville time.

I was having bug free fun with the sim until the big, new, update. I’m suddenly getting crashes with no war ning…I’m just suddenly looking at my screensaver. I’m in a hotel, right now, though. Maybe that’s why. We’re in Jacksonville because my wife just had a kidney transplant. It’s possible that the internet isn’t all that great.
Would like to connect with you guys, though. RL pilot, here, with about 1,0000 hours and I’ve owned a couple of airplanes. So anything involving flight is my passion. I also belong to a radio controlled flying club. Anybody else flying RC planes?

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Hello @RwpTurnip, DHC6 pilot here - wouldn’t mind flying around some time. Same username in-sim if you want to add me. I’m also on the MSFS Discord :slightly_smiling_face:


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We are two peas in a pod sounds like Pooch, I lost my left kidney to cancer, I have 5 RC planes and fly out of a local club. Been flying Sims since they began and I have actual SIM time at the Alaska Airlines full motion simulators at SeaTac Airport. My buddy worked there and he was taking flight lessons at our club, located at S-44 Spanaway Airport. It’s closed now but it was a great strip. I hope your wife gets better quick. It’s a tough thing to go thru. I can hook up pretty my any time.

Will add you. In fact, I will add everyone so watch for an invite. This will be fun.
BTW: You say DHC6 pilot. In real life or sim?