Reverb G2 AMD usb connectivity issues SOLVED

Those that have the Reverb G2 and AMD motherboards are likely to have faced issues of non connectivity, black screens, blue screens, sound output switching or sound drop out. I’m talking WMR codes 7-13 4-1 and no doubt a few more.

The solution which still applies under warranty for all G2 owners is to get a rev 2 cable from HP. It is the one they use in the Omnicept headset and has a larger psu with a power button on it. I received mine today and for the first time can use my G2 in any USB port and so far have had no issues.

The link below is from the hp support forum and has been closed as solved following this advice (not me, I am very grateful to the person that highlighted it).

Or from Reddit


I’ve already asked for cable replacement here in PL. I should get it on Monday next week.
It took me 10 minutes with HP support, no issues at all. Thx!

I think HP support agents are now aware of the situation and will deal with it quickly. I went through the shop I got the headset from as HP here in Germany is very difficult to get through to the correct department. The guy at the store said the HP agent knew exactly what the problem was and sent the new cable straight away.

Someone has now released a YouTube clip explaining this solution.

5 minutes on phone with HP guy yesterday (Amsterdam) and today the new cable arrived. No more issues!

It seems such simple thing to just have a device work properly but after such issues with the old cable (5 exchanges) it feels great to just simply plug it in with no issues. I was getting the initiazation of VR failed error on occasion with the new cable but not since removing the adaptor and going straight to the usb-c port. It’s been 3 weeks now with the new one.

For me, HP support experience in Germany was very positive. I’ve opted for the German language phone service though, to prevent ending up in an Indian call center. No need to get through to another department or anything, the agent on the phone just wanted to know my serial number, name and address, then checked the stock and sent out the replacement cable the same day. Works perfectly fine now.

Same thing (German support), very friendly lady on the phone. She knew instantly what I wanted after I said “I have the Reverb G2”. :smiley: It’s still in stock and will be sent out to me.

In the reddit post, I saw in the most recent comments, that it is out of stock in the US and other regions. So if you need this cable, don’t wait too long.

Same here, absolutely fantastic support from HP (also Netherlands). Cable was on back-order but it arrived two days later. Haven’t had an issue since (now 3 weeks since getting the new cable)… They requested to return the defective cable to be able to recycle parts. That, I think, is also very positive!

Thanks to the OP for posting this!

My pleasure! Although I cannot take any credit I was just lucky to stumble across the solution on the HP forum.

I had the same issue but only realized it now after switching to a 3080 TI. Previously I used the USB-C port on my 2070 Super FE and newer realized there was an actual issue with the motherboard/cable combo. I simply didn’t use the USB ports on the MB.

Just got a new cable from HP support and they were tremendously helpful! Got it in one day with DHL.

All issues solved! Thanks for posting this! :+1:

I ordered a new V2 cable under remaining 3 months of warranty. Took a couple of weeks to get. I can confirm that now my Ryzen 9 system is finally capable of recognizing G2 directly without external powered USB3 hub or a PCI USB3 card that I’ve been using before.

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I also recently got the Rev2 cable and now headset works directly without my usb powered hub.

I received my new cable today, still no fun. Get a 108 error and Stream VR cant find my G2. I think I will give up now. I have a Asus ROG STRIX E- Gaming x570 with a Ryzen 9 3900 CPU and a Geforce Nvidia RTX 3070