Reverb G2 Audio Not switching to headset when switching to VR

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If I am using my PC speakers or regular headphones when loading the simulator, when I switch to VR, the simulator does not switch to my Reverb G2 headphones. (realtek USB Audio).
Even if I try and manually switch the audio both in the audio control panel in windows 11 as well as in the sim under the sound section, the sound will not start on the Reverb G2 unless I start the Windows Mixed Reality Portal BEFORE loading up the Simulator.
This was not the case before SU8
Does anyone else have this issue?
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yep i have the same issue , very annoying.

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Same issue with a Quest 2 but it’s been like this since the release unfortunately.

Confirmed also

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I had this initially with the G2. I went into the sound settings of msfs and changed from Default device to realtek usb2.0 audio to get the sound, but since doing this I’m getting amplified AI traffic turbine sounds inside my cabin. This is really pronounced in the cessna 152 and also to a lesser extent in the carenado piper arrow.

I’m using DX12.

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WMR needs to be up and running before starting the sim. I also start OpenXR to see it initialise and close it before I start the sim or could fail to switch to VR after hitting fly now what gives best chance for successful switching to VR and stay there or have more risks in CTD when switching back to 2D for 4K screenshots.

My G2 used to work the correct way, with the sound switching to the headset when it was activated, but it seems to have stopped sometime in the last 2 weeks. Quite annoying.

Had the same issue twice. All aircraft sound in the PC speaker and ATC in the VR headset.

HP Reverb G2. RTX 2070S, Win 10, latest nvidia drivers. Airbus throttle and stick. 32G RAM on i7 9700k. 1TB nVme. MS Store version SU8 BETA, DV11

Now the most annoying thing is the sound contamination from other aircraft. While in cockpit mode, I hear surrounding aircraft noise like I am next to it but I could be 10 miles from the nearest one!
This does not happen in external view. My aircraft sound is the principle one in external view.

I have switched the sound device in the sim to no avail.
I hope they fix this.

Same issue here about what you call “sound contamination”, but it could be a nice feature to hear a little bit near aircraft sounds?

However I have also the same main issue about sim sounds missing in the headset in certain conditions:

  • UI menus click sounds are there, but nothing of sim sounds - aircraft/environment…

I’m not sure about the scenario to reproduce it. But once the issue is there, it seems that the only possible workaround is to close and restart MSFS.

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Thanks for your reply.
A new slider is added to sound menu called other aircraft and I reduced that to 10% and now it is all okay.

I just upgraded to the beta version today. Similarly, after switching to VR mode, the ambient sound will disappear whenever ATC calls. It is really annoying. It was normal before I upgraded to the beta version

Sure, this issue came with the Beta.
Please VOTE for this one, to increase chance to get it fixed :slight_smile:

I start WMR first and then the sim. The sound always goes to the headset even before I start VR. If I switch out of VR the sound stays in the headset.

Same issue here. MSFS vanilla Steam version. Win 10, latest drivers. SU8
Audio will often not switch from monitor (HDMI output of NVIDA3080) to Reverb G2 when entering VR mode.

EDIT: Can workaround by opening Sound settings once in VR and toggling- When Mixed Reality Portal is Running Switch to Headset Audio - off,on

Has anyone resolved this issue? If I plan a long flight where I will leave my sim on for a while and then come back to it later, my Reverb G2 will power down as it cannot stay on for too long being idle as it can cause screen burn. When I re-enable my VR (start up Mixed reality portal etc), the VR works but I cannot get audio in MSFS to be in the headset again. All my other windows audio is working fine.
There is no way to get it to force the Audio back to your headset. Windows mixer is on the headset for all apps including MSFS. The MSFS audio setting is set for the headset. Very frustrating!

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System Default Device is the device setup by default in Windows. When switching to a VR headset, Windows switch automatically to the VR audio device. In the same way, if the user changes the audio device in the Windows panel, the user will not need to change it in MSFS in System Default Device mode. And thus for VR headset, user do not have to change it manually in Windows nor in MSFS with this mode. Issues related to Audio Devices may come both from VR manufacturer or Windows.