Reverb G2 - interior relatively sharp, scenery blurry

The Reverb has 1.2 mio pixels more per eye and the use of pixels is better, because there are 2 display panels whereas Quest2 has only one panel for both eyes. So the pixel advantage of Reverb should be even bigger. Quest has also the hurdle of image data compression through Link or VD. This, summed up, is not a slight difference in resolution but rather very noticeable.
Having said this, even the Reverb marks the lower limit of the bearable and there is a long way to go…

Yeah we are talking about 30% more pixels in total, which is not a lot…1832×1920 vs 2160x2160…

To me to reach comparable pitch to a 40inch 4K monitor you need 400% more pixels at least…

Compression is not an issue anymore on quest 2 since last updates BTW…

To me the VR headsets are several years away to have a sufficient quality for FS 2020, which is a game where sharpness is essential, because most of the outside scenery details are very small (buildings and trees).

On my 4K screen with Nvidia sharpness filter the game is really a joy to watch. I bought a Q2 as a first try in VR. It is impressive experience for sure, but quality is not there yet. Just the beginning IMO.

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Try to play with TAA render scale in game and OpenXR render scale. Try 110% in game and 50% in OpenXR. See if that improves sharpness in game.

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The difference between the G2 and the Quest 2 with Link even after the v23 update are HUGE. Link is a bad joke compared to the G2 and still suffers horribly from compression… I mean, what do you expect… DP1.4a bandwidth: 26gbps, Link: 0.5gbps at best…

The G2 has higher PPI in the center of the screen than my 55" 4k LG CX… the Quest looks like a compresses youtube video in comparison…

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Yeah, gotta have G2 for FS2020… Quest 2 is great in it’s class of portable HMDs, but G2 is probably the best current gen VR headset for PC VR gaming. I am glad I sold Quest 2 and got G2 from October pre-order.

I agree that G2 is sharper. Though I don’t agree with the bitrate comment. It is not comparable. 500mbps is more than enough for 8K real time video. Data is compressed. DP and HDMI is raw data. Compression takes ressources though.

I see absolutely no compression artifacts running at 5708x2736 +130% supersampling in FS2020.

For my system and GA flying, I find this the best setting for good terrain sharpness

So you’re not seeing additional blur around sharp corners or text? That’s caused by compression, not resolution.

I’m not talking about compression artifacts like blocking and glitching but compression side effects (and boy are they there is you fire up a racing sim when you’re close to the ground. The road becomes a grey blob and grass becomes a green blob lacking any detail). And yes, I’m running 1.7x multi with 150% SS on 500mbps. That along with blur doesn’t do the Quest 2s almost 2k display not ANY justice at all. Heck there are cases where I see more texture detail on a CV1.

Please don’t add to giving Oculus the impression that Link stuff is “good enough” because it isn’t. The compression, latency (at times), discharging while playing isn’t an acceptable solution for PCVR. All the Quest needs is a DP/HDMI connector and it would be fighting to be PCVR consumer market leading.

It is a superb (!) standalone device, they nailed usability for roomscale and user experience. But they miserably failed on PCVR capability.

Do you have everything turned OFF, or on LOW? Or you watching slide show in VR? I mean 5708x2736 +130% supersampling in FS2020…

How does your instrument panel look like though? Prolly quite blurry?

Around 25 FPS with an RTX 3080 with a mix of Ultra, medium and low.

I do not. My texts are sharp now.

But not enough pixels to render the environnement sharp enough.

I still have some issues with the sound though with FS2020

Interesting. I can’t get sharp edges on text or the instruments at all. No matter the multi, SS, bitrate.

If you’re having sound cutouts try lowering the bitrate. Usually that helps.

Would you mind sharing your ODT and nvidia 3d settings? 3080 here too, maybe you’re onto something if you actually have a crisp image because for the love of god I can’t get rid of the blurryness. It’s not even a contest against the Index which wins clearly despite it’s SDE.

Still looks really good to me

Please let me know your settings, I wanna try. I am running 3090.

I’m having exactly the same issue with buildings and I’m interested to note your comment about glasses. I’m 53 and do wear reading glasses, but a very weak prescription. Even when wearing my glasses inside my G2 it didn’t seem to make a marked difference to the point where I put my game and PC settings back to default in everything and gave up (45 hours later).
The one thing I have done is ordered myself prescription lenses for the G2 (yet to arrive) with the vain hope that it’s me and not my PC.
I will let you know how I get on when they arrive, until then my G2 sits on the shelf.
i9 9900k, GTX2080ti 64gb ram, Rog Maximus XI Hero

I have created a topic about small sweet spot and my observations with my own G2 where I believe there is either a calibration problem, or a hardware defect, otherwise the G2 optics could be designed in a certain way explaining why there are many reports of small sweet spots.

To get started you might want to read this short “to the point” illustration of the problem and the “workarounds” and post over there what do you see comparatively:

PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - Virtual Reality (VR) / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You might want to also read the OP in the aforementioned discussion for more details about what it is about.

I have been using the G2 for about 2 weeks or so. I have played with the settings but I am now convinced that MSFS needs to be optimized for VR. I don’t have any blurriness to speak of in any other VR experience on my PC.
Just like making my camera a couple of notches out of focus.
I can’t see the instruments well enough to know what direction I’m going in or what my speed is much less follow orders from ATC or change radio freq’s.
I hope there are some updates for VR tomorrow.

My G2 is really sharp in the small sweetspot and blurry outside. If you can’t have sharp image in the center, check in the OpenXR Developer Tools:

  • enable “use last preview”
  • enable “custom render scale” and keep it as per the post by @CptLucky8 - I have it at 100% with RTX3070 GPU
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