Reverb G2 New Cable Rev.2 in the box?

Do new G2’s direct from HP ship with the updated Rev.2 cable? I hope so since I just ordered one direct from HP. I understand the Rev.2 cable has an on-off switch.

Yes it has on/off button and the breakout box is physically larger.

The last g2 I bought was late June 2021 stock and it still came with the v1 of the cable. I’ve already had two headset cables replaced (out of 3 headsets) and it was fairly straight forward over the phone.

I’m in Australia. I was told I need to select the Workstation Support phone menu option.

Thanks, mate.

I bought a Reverb G2 direct from HP in the UK last week, it came with the V2 cable.

I ordered one some days ago but not directly but through a reseller (alternate, Germany). Will report back which cable it comes with. Should arrive today…

Edit: came with the old cable.

I ordered a Reverb G2 direct from HP this week. It came today, and it did NOT come with the Rev.2 cable. Disappointed to say the least. :angry:

I received mine from Microsoft a few days ago. It did not come with the new cable and they are on back order with HP US support.

I ordered one in Australia in the last week of August. Received on September 1. Old cable - disappointed, like everyone else. Getting some crashes and random disconnections (about once a day) - could be related to the fact I am on an AMD system with a B550 motherboard. Will try talking to HP support and report back.

I got onto HP support chat (it used WhatsApp) after work yesterday. It took under 10 minutes. After I said I was getting disconnections on the V1 cable and an AMD system, they said they would send out a V2 cable in the mail. It is backordered and so will take 2-3 weeks. Overall, the process was very quick and easy and I commend HP on their responsiveness.

I asked HP sales today if the Reverb G2 they are selling on their corporate site comes with the old cable or the new. They had no idea. I asked the guy on the chat to find out and he said nobody he asked knew. So, I don’t know if I should order the product or not. :roll_eyes:

Also, anyone have photos of both V1 and V2 cables so I know what the difference is in them?

Here is a picture. V1 is at the top, V2 is below. As you can see, V2 is slightly bigger. Note also the slightly different P/N (part number). On the opposite side is a tiny power button. Push it for 2 seconds to turn it on and off.

Just as an aside, HP really came through. Even though they promised to send me the V2 cable in 2-3 weeks, it arrived within 2 days! So far working very well. No disconnects and also nice having the power button.

Thank you SilverSeraph913! That’s what I needed to know.

I ordered a new Reverb G2 last week direct from HP, and it shipped with a v1 cable. Naturally, I ran into all sorts of issues getting it to work with my modern gaming laptop. HP is replacing the cable for me, but it’s backordered 4-6 weeks. I have a never-used, bricked VR headset until then. I’m tempted to return it altogether.

Apparently, this is a well known issue, and it’s upsetting HP lets it proliferate by continuing to sell this device with the old cable. Thanks HP!

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I too just purchased the G2 from HP Canada yesterday with $169 discount coupon and free delivery. After reading this, I’m expecting the V1 cable :tired_face:

G2 purchased in April 2020, hp sent me the version 2 cable in 2 days. Thanks HP ! (in France)

I’m in Aus

I just had a third cable replaced (we have 3 headsets) and this one took 3 days from me calling HP, to having it in my hands.

The previous two took nearly 3 weeks

Regarding the replacements - A label on the new cables packaging states that you “are not” required to return the old cable, so you can keep it as a spare. It works perfectly fine with a add-in PCIe USB 3 card if you have a desktop PC. Unfortunately we have a few laptops the v1 headset cable would not work with. The v2 works fine.

I used online chat. My G2 has 3 months of warranty left. They scheduled the v2 cable for shipping, but there is a delay (Canada). I’m not in a hurry. v1 works mostly OK, it just requires a PCI USB card or a powered USB3 hub. It never works with my PC directly, despite having all BIOS updated that supposed to correct the USB connectivity problem.

FYI…Called HP today. They informed me that the V2 new cable is only for those who have an AMD processor/chipset.
V1 cable is still correct for those who use intel processors.

My G2 arrived this morning from the HP store. It has the V2 cable. I’m still figuring out MSFS VR but I have it working well enough to fly without major issues.

My laptop certainly has a rat’s nest of cables connected now.

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Hi Kenny - the V2 will help with some Intel CPU laptops that have USB power issues with the G2. (I’ve just been through this)

If you can, tell them you are now using your new AMD system (using my amazing powers of long distance perception, I can see you are using an AMD 5950x, Asus Tuff Gaming X570 Plus Wifi motherboard, 32gig of ram, RTX 3080 - I see you are getting the 7-14 error code and sometimes the 4-1 error code

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