Reverb G2 New Cable Rev.2 in the box?

G2 purchased in April 2020, hp sent me the version 2 cable in 2 days. Thanks HP ! (in France)

I’m in Aus

I just had a third cable replaced (we have 3 headsets) and this one took 3 days from me calling HP, to having it in my hands.

The previous two took nearly 3 weeks

Regarding the replacements - A label on the new cables packaging states that you “are not” required to return the old cable, so you can keep it as a spare. It works perfectly fine with a add-in PCIe USB 3 card if you have a desktop PC. Unfortunately we have a few laptops the v1 headset cable would not work with. The v2 works fine.

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I used online chat. My G2 has 3 months of warranty left. They scheduled the v2 cable for shipping, but there is a delay (Canada). I’m not in a hurry. v1 works mostly OK, it just requires a PCI USB card or a powered USB3 hub. It never works with my PC directly, despite having all BIOS updated that supposed to correct the USB connectivity problem.

FYI…Called HP today. They informed me that the V2 new cable is only for those who have an AMD processor/chipset.
V1 cable is still correct for those who use intel processors.

My G2 arrived this morning from the HP store. It has the V2 cable. I’m still figuring out MSFS VR but I have it working well enough to fly without major issues.

My laptop certainly has a rat’s nest of cables connected now.

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Hi Kenny - the V2 will help with some Intel CPU laptops that have USB power issues with the G2. (I’ve just been through this)

If you can, tell them you are now using your new AMD system (using my amazing powers of long distance perception, I can see you are using an AMD 5950x, Asus Tuff Gaming X570 Plus Wifi motherboard, 32gig of ram, RTX 3080 - I see you are getting the 7-14 error code and sometimes the 4-1 error code

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My system is a devoted intel i7-10700, Nvidia RTX3080, 32G etc… So the original cable is the right match. Thanks!

no probs :+1: it was just a suggestion should you want a cable that works with everything

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Not sure why some people are going up in arms… There is an official HP Reddit post (due to no links allowed here, search for “Revision 2 of the Reverb G2 Cable and all the Mysteries Within! (Official Announcement Stuff.)” by u/Voodooimaxx). The post states that as long as one has the old Rev1 cable and the Reverb G2 is still under warranty, one can get the new Rev2 cable free of charge with the only requirement being the provision of the S/N for the support to check the eligibility. Details in the Reddit post.

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Just received my revision 2 cable. Man I get about 40% performance increase and about 15-20% increase in graphics quality.
here are some screen snaps

woh!! wish my v2 cable did that :wink:

Not sure about not allowing links, I linked the Reddit thread in a post on here a few months ago.

Hey Mate, also in Oz. I have just started having this issue over the last few days and now the headset is completely dead (no HP light) and the constant Error 4-1 in the Portal. Did you just stick a PCIe USB card in and it worked? I have a spare-PCIe slot, might try it. Which card did you get? thx!

Yep. The headsets worked okay for about a week on the v1 cable with a particular USB port, but became more intermittent over time. The USB-3 card was the cure for me. It was just a generic 3 port ebay $20 special (mine uses a Renesas USB controller)

Like this one (this uses VIA controller but should be okay). They generally need a spare HDD power lead to connect to it. It’s possible you have a spare one floating around inside your PC

Thanks Mate - ill order one online and see what happens.

That one only has USB A connectors, the cable uses USB-C… did you also use a converter?

Yes I did, worked fine :+1:

If you aren’t using the one that came with the headset, you just need to ensure the adaptor is USB 3 capable

Having delayed splashing out for the G2 because of all the negativity about the cable/connection problems over many months, I engaged in a chat with the local HP support to check if new batches of the product they received would have the revised cable/breakout box. Following two unanswered emails, but a couple of ‘live chat’ sessions, the conclusion was no. Anyway, I’d waited long enough and since my present system is Intel based, where issues are apparently rare, I took the plunge.
Got the box yesterday with REV-A printed on the top. So, I immediately thought the answer I got from support was correct i.e. original cable. What was actually in the box, however, was indeed the Rev.2 with the breakout and added power button. Maybe pot luck.

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And… 48 hours later and I have a new rev.2 cable. Works MUCH better than the old one.

My original G2 cable crapped out on me yesterday. I did not want to mess trying to get a replacement from them so just ordered the Rev 2 yesterday and will be delivered tomorrow. I had forgot how great this sim ran in the Reverb G2 using Open XR. Been running a Vive Pro 2 since June but it is now sent of to HTC for warranty repair. I tried running MSFS 2020 in my Index but performance was very poor with much lower resolution. So I am definitely looking forward to getting the new cable tomorrow.

Well turns out it was not my Reverb G2 or it’s original cable. In my WMR settings by default the sleep timer was set to " Let Windows Decide". I changed that to “Never” and no more headset blackouts! Just did a long flight in MSFS 2020 with no issue, tested in IL-2 as well - no issues.
Oh well I have the new improved cable arriving today, won’t hurt to have it I guess. But here I could have been flying all day yesterday!

I can only imagine how many new Reverb owners might think they have a bad headset from blackouts do to Windows defaulting this sleep setting to let windows decide.