Reverb G2 - overexposure (white clipping) - Eye adaptation On/Off?

When flying in Reverb G2 in fair weather, the bright areas (like looking into the general direction of the sun) seem overexposed. Do you believe it can be remediated by playing with the “Eye adaptation” in UserCfg.opt, section “GraphicsVR”, subsection “PostProcess”:

	Enabled 1
	EyeAdaptation 0
	ColorGrading 1
	Sharpen 1
	Fringe 0
	LensDistortion 0
	Dirt 0
	LensFlare 0
	FilmGrain 0
	Vignette 0
	LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
	FringeMultiplier 1.000000
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I also notice the overexposure, which washes out the colors and makes the landscape look very lacking in contrast and less real.
(The plane itself and the cockpit are OK).

Would like to know if you played with any of these settings yet?

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