VR looks washed out with G2

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve already got sharpness on in Nvidia. I turned that on when I had the Quest 2 rigged up, and have left it the same.

I think it matters how you define “washed out”. I find the colors in VR mode more realistic than those in the 2D version. The colors may not appear as vibrant and crisp in VR, but that’s not how I see the real world anyway, especially as you start to gain altitude.

Thank you, as soon as I am done with the CTDs, I will be interested in all these topics.

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Don’t laugh to loud, I remember the first days when everybody received their fist Oculus headset, a certain number forgotten to remove the transparent lens protection and posted on forums :wink:

At the same time, I saw on the forum, a person who had bought a high-end GPU, and who did not understand why their VR headset was not working.
He had plugged it into the motherboard with the GPU integrated into the CPU


Have a look here:







Thank you, as soon as I am done with the CTDs, I will be interested in all these topics.

What sharpness level do you use? I’ve found that it can make buildings in the distance more pixelated and “shimmery”

Completely agree. I wish the G2 FS visuals were as vibrant as on my monitor… It’s OK though,you get used to it. That’s simply as good as it gets right now. But yeah they should add a saturation scale or something.

I have a feeling it is cranked up to the maximum, but I’m away from my PC atm. I’ll check properly. I think it does create its own problems, as the wing struts in the Cessna152 look like they are made of sugar, and the grass looks like there’s been a heavy frost. I’m pretty sure that is related to the sharpness setting. I need to have a play with it.

Chances are, your monitor is “at fault” in that it oversaturates colours. Some monitors, especially those that have a high colour gamut, tends to oversaturate colours in the sRGB space. While it may look nice, it is inaccurate. So when you go back to “correct” colours, it will look washed out.


Right, but I prfer looking nice to realistic in this case! Also, in the G2 many things definitely look less saturated than reality I think (especially the landscapes)

I also find that the colors sometimes don’t look good (VR - G2). As long as the sun is obscured by the clouds, the colors look good. However, if I fly with a cloudless sky, the green is no longer green, but almost aquamarine, the whole scene looks washed out and the houses look like on a model railroad …

OK, I tried yesterday to change the resolution settings within the oculus software.

When you open the oculus software on your pc make sure your oculus is connected to the PC. Then go to Devices, click there and in the menu scroll a little bit down. Somewhere it should say where you can can change the glass frequency (72hz (default), 80hz and 90hz I believe.
There is also a slider were you can change the resolution.
I changed my from 72hz / ~2000 x 3000 resolution to 72hz / ~3000 x 5000 resolution (max). ( I don’t remember the exact number).
I noticed a much more crip vision where allowing me to read the number on the airplane pane. Not all perfect but much better. However I also noticed that it took longer to compile the pictures in the glasses. When I moved by head faster from the right to left, I saw briefly black bars on the sides of the screen. So I guess you need to find the balance.
I will try to find out what happens if I change the glas frequency from 72hz to 90hz.

Hope that helps.

I find it way to bright when flying on a clear day too. The planes become featureless white things until you zoom in very close to offset the brightness if that makes sense.

There is a solution for AMD Radeon user:

Tested it and it works just fine. :slight_smile:
Got good results with +10 contast and +20 saturation, the picture looks M U C H better now.’

Unfortunately I’ve only got some minutes with this nicer picture until the next CTD. :smiley:

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I use +10 contrast, -4 brightness and +30 saturation. I like saturated colors in vr, makes it feel more real.

Isn’t this a Radeon only fix though?

Yeah, as I said… :wink:

How dare you only fix your own problems and not mine too!! /S

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