[BUG] - VR - Overexposed & washed out landscape colors

In VR (HP Reverb G2 with 1080TI), the landscape looks overexposed, to bright and the colors washed out. This makes everything outside the plane look lacking in contrast and less realistic. The plane itself and the cockpit are OK.

Also discussed here:

When comparing the color and tone representation in G2 in MFS2020 and other VR titles (including Beat Saber), there is a lot of lost potential the G2 is capable to offer. No idea why the basic controls like gamma are missing in MFD2020.

Same experience.

Also, approach lights and PAPI are also not shown at a long distance (like when in normal non-vr mode). Runway is appears to blur into the world and is only visible when 2-3 miles away.

Have you tried playing with any of these settings yet??? I would like to know if you may have found an easy fix for the washed out colors

The problem is that there are no settings to play with, neither in sim nor nVidia control panel. All the settings in the nVidia control panel or nVidia Freestyle don’t work with VR headset (at least G2).

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Freestyle doesn’t work for Rift ‘S’ either.

Pimax 8kx, same problem. Very washed out when looking towards the sun.

I want to join with you. The overexposed landscape is very annoying and unrealistic in VR. The devs should make a setting to this with a slider to set the intensity of the effect.

Setting EyeAdaptation from 1 to 0 in Usercfg.opt resolved the problem.


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I tried this setting today and it certainly makes things better, but I wouldn’t say it’s a proper, or full solution. The world is still super bright in Illinois, it must be dazzling in the South of France!