Reverse Thruster on Fighters not working

Hi guys… after the massive 36Gig GOTY update, my reverse thrusters on the fighter jets are not working… also on the newly added F-18 i can also only reach 80% power… Any ideas on how the fix these 2 issues??


Decrease throttle - assign key or button

Technically, the FA-18E with two GE F414s don’t have reverse thrusters. Granted, the menu system lets you map this control if you like, but there’s really only two ways to stop an FA-18 safely; reduce thrust in conjunction with wheel braking, or use the carrier arrest hook at the back.

Also my airliners’ reverse thrusters not working… C’mon Asobo!! but i was kinda expeting a lot of glitches with this new update… hopefully they’ll release a Hotfix for it ASAP! But not getting my hopes up…

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