[REVIEW] Piper PA-28R Arrow III by Just Flight - By far the best payware GA add-on available at the moment

While ya’ll wait for a certain store to be less slammed, here’s something to read (and watch), my review of the PA-28R Arrow III by Just Flight.

In my opinion, it’s by far the best payware GA add-on available for MSFS at the moment.

I even made a bonus livery, because why not? :joy:

Hope you find it useful :smiley:


A great plane, I’m loving it so far. Also, a great review…very detailed.


Glad you enjoyed it. I’m absolutely loving this aircraft myself, much more than I expected actually (I’m more the airliner type haha).

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The only issue I have, and it is a pet peeve of mine, is that it rolls far too easily when taxiing. Even with 0 pitch on the prop and idle throttle I still roll forward with no brake otherwise it is a fine plane.


Yep. That certainly seems to be the case. I did mention that in the review as well. I’m fairly sure that’s not how a real piper rolls.


LOL! Yeah me too. I used to fly a rental Cherokee and although it did not have a constant speed prop set up and no retracts, it did take a bit of throttle to get her rolling. Hopefully they will adjust the ground roll drag. Nice review by the way!


I thought so, and thank you for the kind words :smiley:

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my favourite at the moment.
Always liked the Mooney, but this is better, even though the Arrow is much slower.


I really enjoy the fact that it feels slightly underpowered. Climbing is a challenge that keeps you on your toes, and you have to actually avoid clouds.

Tomorrow or the day after we’re getting icing effects in an update, so we can actually know when we screwed up lol

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I have to admit: I gave it a little power boost of about 10% :slight_smile:

baha, cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Just to make the transition from the Mooney easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been thrilled with it. I mostly fly light GA planes and when I was flying actively in real aviation, many were various PA28 variants. So this one is a little like going back in time for me.

My only complaint is that I fly small planes mostly in VR, and the mouse cursor is way out of whack in this plane, not sure if this is a sim issue or a JustFlight issue, but it’s so bad in this one I have to close my right eye to click things.

A minor VR complaint is that the default seating position is WAY too far back, so I end up having to adjust view until the yoke is about where my hand ‘feels’ like it should be. At that position I find the view from the plane absolutely perfect.

It is definitely one of the best planes going in VR, and the first one to surpass the WACO as far as VR immersion.

Plane flies just as it should, but I agree with others, its a little to easy to move around on the ground. Otherwise it was really easy to believe I was in the real one. Excellent add-on that I definitely recommend.


Unfortunately I don’t have any VR headset, so it’s not that I ignored VR issues. I simply cannot test them :frowning:

That being said, there’s an update coming tomorrow or Thursday which includes “VR compatibility fixes”

Aren’t you glad I just covered you! :grin:

It’s awesome in VR… Just the tiniest of issues.

I can’t fly any airliner in VR, those dang glass displays are just too hard to get acceptably crisp with decent frame rate… But round gauge planes are all great, and this one is the king of them at the moment.

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Haha Indeed. But yeah, the VR issues are probably gonna be fixed with the patch.

No mention of the taxi speed tho.

The other VR issue I reported to them, and I figure is fixed is that there is a VR cockpit zoom thing that is handy in various aircraft for looking at smaller text in the cockpit etc, it is not currently functional in the PA28. I think that was just an oversight tho, I don’t think there is any technical reason it isn’t there, so I’m certain that will get fixed.

Not as sure about the mouse tho, the mouse is a little wacky in all airplanes and could well be an MSFS thing that JF can’t fix… But this plane definitely has the problem worse than others, so if they can fix it, I’ll be really happy to see it.

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It idles too fast. Instead of 1000 rpm it should be more like 600 rpm.

As it is not a Marketplace plane you can tweak it yourself and fix the issue.

Edit the engines.cfg:


that should give you idle rpm of 600 and fix the runaway issues


Thank you!

My absolut FAVOURITE , a BenChMark for next 3th party Addons.
only the engine managment is in my opinion not really finished as it invites you to fly “by Numbers of Manual” * 75 Setting, 65 Setting and so on. All very fine and nice … but When you finally match in MP, RPM , Mixture, altitude… you end up having the Throttle at 100% pulled forward … ( you won t have any issues, failure or damage you just have the best performance in speed and climbing this way)
is that like in real? I am not a Real Pilot but i have read and seen lots of “real Piper videos” … they dont have the Trottle allways 100 % pulled forward…

However I love this aircraft , best ever !
Specially in VR , great … the windsound could be adapted a bit more to the speed, and you cant separate the wind from the engine sound in settings. You have it permanent even on ground…
( … but specially “Sound” is a general MSFS problem
HEAR, LISTEN, what IL2 STURMOVIK is doing regarding SOUND !!! :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…when you move forward, side, open window, getting more speed so on…, so on…
cmon… in comparisson MSFS is Nintendo gameboy… I mean Just Flight at least has , in my opinion , for the first time the defintly best Sound of all Aircraft in Msfs 2020 ( specially flying in VR)

MSFS 2020 is still MILES AWAY of reaching this and specially in VR this is very important.
Too much time is allways spended in “Graphics” , less in sound but a Simulation , specially in VR is
Graphics and SOUND and (“feeling” of beeing in the air)
There is still much can be done regarding this important “Inmersion Issue” !
… but thats all another issue…

Piper ARROW III :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: yeah Man !
Best 38 Eu so far ! :wink: :slight_smile: