REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition: New Version Released Today!

REX is pleased to announce REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition. This new version brings an array of new features including:

  • Terrain Coloring
  • Weather Scenarios
  • Resilient Coloring option
  • 2 New Enhanced Regions (Colorado Aspen and Larch Trees in NW USA and SW Canada)
  • Lower Vegetation option for many cities and towns
  • 3 enhanced vegetation color tone options

In addition to the new features above, AccuSeason Advanced Edition continues to offer the current AccuSeason features, which include:

  • Automation mode which allows you to Set It and Forget It so weekly seasonal changed occur on a weekly basis automatically
  • Large number of seasonal presets
  • Optimized performance
  • Winter deciduous trees
  • Global seasons
  • A modern application
  • Deciduous tree canopy options
  • Tree height options
  • Region-specific crafted vegetation

This new version is FREE for current users. For new users, we have not raised the price of the application. For existing AccuSeason users, we hope you fully enjoy the new version and the huge amount of new content. For new users, we want to welcome you to a great experience that will transform your simulator to look much more natural and true to life.

For further information, here is a link to the AccuSeason Advanced website:

Thank you and here are some images:


Hi. There was a mention that “Terrain Coloring” covers “most of the Europe”. Can you confirm what exactly that area is?


yeah, that would be important to know.

Hoooooray!!! FINALLY!! Hope this fixes terrain coloring for most of the US. Excited to try later!

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Hi ural43209571. Terrain Coloring covers all countries in Western and Eastern Europe ending in the western parts of Russia. So Terrain Coloring is included from the Scandinavian countries, over to Great Britain, down to Portugal and Spain across through Ukraine and back up to the Scandinavian countries. It does include the very western parts of Russia and I am looking to expand this area in the near term. Hope that answers your question.


@MikeFS11 Do you know when the update will be available at Just Flight?


Let me check and I will let you know soon.

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I bought the AccuSeason at Just Flight store some time back and I normally updated to the advanced version using my serial number. I downloaded the updated zip archive via the REX AccuSeason app.


Can you clarify how you update through the AccuSeason App? I followed the instructions (clicking ‘update manually’) and it says I have the latest version (which is still the old version). I do not have REX Axis and purchased through Simmarket many months ago.

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I am going to recommend that you reach out to our support team at: That way we can get you the new version.

Was excited to get this installed yesterday, update was a bit of a struggle but got it sorted out and a nice update to the original AccuSeason!


Getting CTDs with the latest version. No probs with the previous…

Bought it in the ORBX store. When will the update be available there? Manual download and installation of the update did not work as no serial # was provided with the purchase.


same here. happens a few seconds after loading into a plane…

I´ve bought my version also at Orbx.
You can find your serial in "C:\Users<yourname>\documents\REX 6\REX AccuSeason" in the file profile.xml

But I haven´t tried yet…

EDIT: I´ve just tried, it works fine!


sorry I can’t find these folder…?

Open the window explorer (WIN+e) and then in the top bar, enter “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\REX 6\REX AccuSeason”

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sorry it was my mistake, I’ve found already… :grinning: :star_struck:

Will this Mod prevent NZ to have snow down to the coast in summer?
If yes, insta-buy!


It is funny how REX seriously managed another REX product missing the notification about which preset is currently selected in the sim. Again. After 10y or more asking for such a little but essential helper… no idea why this is so constantly and persistently ignored. Cant be much of an hassle to include this, no?