Rift S - flashing white light

I tried Steve’s solution using SteamVR, and while the flashes are gone, the sim becomes very stuttery for me. I may try and revert to version 24 of the oculus software, and see if that gets me going flash-free again.

I’ve gone with the v24 solution and it appears to be working well.

The only challenge now though, if everyone stops using the V26 Oculus drivers, is knowing when the problem has been fixed and when we can go back. However, it looks pretty easy to reverse the fix and reapply it again, if necessary, after trying out each new release of the Oculus software.

Same here.

Here’s the link to the pdf with the solution: vr perfomance guide.pdf - Google Drive

Thanks to Michelapole818 for coming up with this. MSFS is now smooth like I’ve never seen it before :slight_smile: And not a single flash so far.

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Awesome, glad I could help and thanks for letting me know. : ) All those posts make my day to be honest. : )

My Rift updated itself last night. I tried to make a flight this morning and now again with the flashing every second. I agree. Totally unusable. I think I might throw my headset down a flight of stairs. Heh.

look here

I’ll keep v26.x. I really dislike to get back on old versions or drivers on my secured machine, and I don’t feel I should be the person fixing their issues each time they fail. Saying that I’m glad for all people who I found the provided solution with v24.x and will keep flying :slight_smile:

Me I stopped flying anyway until this is fixed, so we’ll know when Oculus or MSFS Devs will fix this issue.

Fair enough.

It might be a while before a solution though, especially if it needs both Asobo and Oculus making changes.

I hope it’ll be soon.

My Oculus software is now on v26, even though I am not in the Public Test Channel. The flashing is back (it was fixed when I turned off PTC to got back to v25). Any new solutions?

I had a new feedback from the MSFS support team, I don’t think I break any forum rule here by saying what they said : they apologize for the frustration we have and confirmed the devs team is looking at this specific issue.

So that’s great and we just need to be patient now :slight_smile:

I found rollback is not needed for me. Surprisingly and oddly, nothing happened to my msfs yet with v26 except slight feeling of slow down. Is this issue related with GPU type? Mine is rtx 2060 laptop version.

ps: I have had this flashing and flickering issue when v26 was beta.

That is great to hear! Hopefully a fix comes out soon. Thanks for submitting a ticket!

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Thats a good point! I will check that. It would make sense!

Also got Feedback today after i forwarded this Thread in a Update of my open Ticket

are there any Updates regarding the Flashes ?

This should be addressed in the next update.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

So they are really caring for it currently.


Now that would be very good news, with Sim Update 3 so close… hopefully.

Michalopole818 posted instructions on how to downgrade Oculus to v24 and prevent future automatic updates. I can fly again!

Checkout his comment here:

And instructions here:

According Oculus forum this problem is fixed if you set the Beta flag to get the Oculus Software v27.x! Several dudes confirmed this information. I’ll be able to test only later. Great news!


wow I can confirm 2 hours flying and not a single flash! (After update open beta)

Worked for me!

Worked for me to, I have a Rift S! All drivers are up to date, even the one from nvidia.