Rift S - flashing white light

I found rollback is not needed for me. Surprisingly and oddly, nothing happened to my msfs yet with v26 except slight feeling of slow down. Is this issue related with GPU type? Mine is rtx 2060 laptop version.

ps: I have had this flashing and flickering issue when v26 was beta.

That is great to hear! Hopefully a fix comes out soon. Thanks for submitting a ticket!

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Thats a good point! I will check that. It would make sense!

Also got Feedback today after i forwarded this Thread in a Update of my open Ticket

are there any Updates regarding the Flashes ?

This should be addressed in the next update.

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So they are really caring for it currently.


Now that would be very good news, with Sim Update 3 so close… hopefully.

Michalopole818 posted instructions on how to downgrade Oculus to v24 and prevent future automatic updates. I can fly again!

Checkout his comment here:

And instructions here:

According Oculus forum this problem is fixed if you set the Beta flag to get the Oculus Software v27.x! Several dudes confirmed this information. I’ll be able to test only later. Great news!


wow I can confirm 2 hours flying and not a single flash! (After update open beta)

Worked for me!

Worked for me to, I have a Rift S! All drivers are up to date, even the one from nvidia.

perfect.worked for me. thanks for the info. :+1:

Same here! After this latest update, no more flashes for me either. Didn’t have to go into settings to change the Beta option or any other option at all! Just made sure that showed as my current version and that was it. Thanks for all the pointer, guys.

great, latest update 27 fixed it. Good to see they were listening. Now we can fly again. :smiley:

Updated to Version 27 beta…flashes gone but every 5mins or so VR crashes out. I’ve never had a crash in MSFS but now the VR goes back to my oculus home page and the normal 2D game keeps playing fine on my monitor. If I press to start VR again all works great for about 5 mins again then it drops out. This has only happened since using Version 27 beta.

I will add to the Beta 27 fixed it for me as well. 2 hour flight last night in C172, non G1000 and no flashes. I don’t fly airliners, so can speak to that, but will test G1000 aircraft today.

Is there an easy way to keep Oculus from updating or save driver sets to revert back to? Someone posted a revert back to v24, but I didn’t have a chance to try it before Beta v27 came out. Is it just a matter of copying the support folder?

Yep… I think this is what many feared. The initial fix a couple of weeks was to contract out of the public beta and revert back to v25. Sadly, here in the UK, the previous public beta (v26) was enforced upon us about 2 days again and ever since VR has been unusable. Whether Microsoft and Facebook can temper their egos to address this issue quickly, I have no idea :disappointed:

If you check the PTC box again, v27 will be installed and sort out your problems, probably.

I confirmt that version 26 has the flashes 25 did not 27 beta looks ok. BTW I can play decently with an old I7 4GHz an a GTX 1660 OC 6GB, but I need to disable spacewarp to avoid choppiness when I turn my head. Also, the plane you pick does matter. Hope this helps.

this is the experience i am having. Just the plane flashes, the scenery is stable

Yes this is true, true the plane flashes only in v26, v25 was kinda stable with flashes now and then but playable. V27 beta fixed this. But performance is still not great. I reverted back to v24, this solves all our problems.

Kinda odd I got this reply just now from Oculus when I raised the issue with then a few days ago. Saying it’s STEAM or MF related.

“Mar 6, 2021, 23:39 PST

Hey Sheu,

Thank you so much for your patience while we reviewed this issue of yours.

I’m here following up with you after our review to inform you that this issue with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 seems to stem for the application itself. I would advise you to contact either [Steam Support] [Microsoft Support] or both as they would be more fruitful in their endeavors to solve this issue with their game.

If you have more questions, please do feel free to reply and I will assist you.


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