Right rudder pedal much more sensitive than left

As subject says. Where can I check to see if something is messed up.

Ummm. Maybe it’s the plane your flying? P-factor and torque can effect that.
The sensitivity adjustment should be uniform in both directions. Could also be an issue with the sim.
Try turning on the taxi and take-off assistance and see if that effects it. I find when flying realism is on hard, some of the planes get a little to difficult on T/O and taxi.

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Still haven’t found a solution to this. I have tried different aircraft. Rudders are imbalanced on the ground and in the air. Is there a setting anywhere that could affect rudder balance? It isn’t imbalanced when I check it in the controls sensitivity setup. I also tried them in DCS World and they work fine there.

Have you had a look at the assigned sensitivities in the controls settings? Is the profile set the same for both parts of the axis?

Sensitivity - is 75%, Sensitivity + is -75%

I reset the sensitivity to linear and now they are balanced.

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