T-Flight rudder inconsistent sensitivity between left and right


I’m seeing an issue after adjusting sensitivity of Thrustmaser T-Flight pedals. Another user reported this issue and it didn’t get enough traction because people assumed it had something to do with engine torque. Right rudder pedal much more sensitive than left
This is definitely an issue with the input, and has nothing to do with flight characteristics.

It can be seen if you tune the sensitivity.

Adjusting “sensitivity -” down (to around -70%) will make left rudder smoother and up will make it more immediate. However, adjusting “sensitivity +” in either direction will actually make right rudder more immediate. This is not just felt while flying, you can actually see the difference when moving the pedals slightly in the settings. Resetting to default -50% will make the two directions consistent, however they are too sensitive at -50%.

This definitely feels like a bug. It does not happen in other flight sims.

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