RNAV Approaches Not Working

When is Asobo going to fix this RNAV approach problem. Very few of the RNAV approaches in MSFS 2020 capture the glideslope. There’s way around it but it shouldn’t be like this.

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AFIK and reading through this forum, it is unfortunatly quite an old missing feature and no one knows exactly when it will be implemented in the default aircraft.

I’ve been flying all versions since August '20 launch, and 85 percent of RNAV approaches have captured correctly and delivered GS/GP successfully to MDA.

Most recently in, I flew two cross-country tours coast-to-coast with twenty legs or more, most of them RNAV.

Do you have a specific case - airport and aircraft type? Need more information.


RNAV yes, but the OP is talking about VNAV if I understand correctly. (but more info, airport, approach would definetly be helpful).

OP is talking about RNAV specifically. VNAV was not mentioned.


That’s not what the OP stated.

VNAV already exists for the Working Title CJ 4 and Advisory VNAV in the Working Title G3000.

The way Asobo is addressing this is the Working Title 1st Party Partnership. They will enable VNAV through their roadmap improvement of the the onboard navigation systems and enable new Procedure Leg types at the same time.

Advisory VNAV - G3000 (Longitude/TBM)
VNAV is coming on G1000 NXi which releases in Open Beta simultaneously or just after Sim Update 5 on 27-July.

The CJ4 mod pioneered all the embedded changes that override the base sim code. That’s an easier task (relatively) than trying to overhaul the sim core code. Each NavUnit type will have it’s own Flight Planning/Routing, Procedure Types and other overrides that enable it to perform as close as possible to 1:1 RL features, which overrides the sim just as their mods do today as Community items. That pilot work with CJ4 is now moving to G1000 NXi, then eventually G3000 and G3X.


Thanks for the info… so currently no default aircraft has VNAV but Working Title will provide it hopefully in July for G3000 etc.

RNAV/VNAV. Yes let`s the OP clarify… RNAV with subsequent ILS capture or VNAV. (Yes I can read, but I also know, that sometimes people new to the topic mix the two).
BTW. The question sparked my curiosity… just setting up FBW A32NX 6.1. for EDDF 25C RNP Z - just to see what will happen.

Just to clarify VNAV exists today in WT CJ4 Mod.

Advisory VNAV exists today in WT G3000 Mod.

VNAV (unknown how automated) will come with WT G1000 NXi with SU5 or shortly after.

For folks who never have seen the packages, you’re welcome to try them yourself. Very easy to install and you’ll have a lot more functionality with the stock aircraft (and any 3rd party planes that use them). This is how Asobo will close the Number 1 rated item on the Feedback list.


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Yes I can also only recommend the WT G3000 Mod (I use it for the TBM)… hopefully VNAV Path Mode (not only advisory mode as implemented currently) will follow soon (provided the original G3000 supports it, which I honestly dont know).

Rarely have I had RNAV issues and I’ve been playing since launch. Most work as intended, although I’ve encountered a couple not capture the glide slope or a few with an incorrect glide slope that didn’t lead you down to the runway. In the latter case, that was due to bad default nav data which either eventually got fixed, or you can get around using Navigraph data instead.

Perhaps you could give specific examples of RNAV approaches that don’t work for you rather than a blanket statement claiming most are broken when they’re most definitely not.


Well it just made a liar out of me. Flew the RNAV 36R approach into KAUS and it captured the glideslope. I don’t know if it’s me or what but it get very few of them to capture.

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Forgive me for asking obvious question but you ARE switching to VOR1 arent you to capture the glideslope? If you stay in GPS mode I dont think it works??

Isn’t RNAV a GPS mode? He’s not talking about ILS.

No I’m not, maybe that’s the problem.

That only works for ILS. You don’t switch modes for RNAV. You keep it in GPS mode.

Most reasons RNAV doesn’t work is not hitting the Final Approach Fix (FAF) at the required altitude per the Approach Chart. If you’re over the alt fix, you’ll just watch that magenta diamond slide toward the bottom of the range with nary a glideslope.

Additionally, because VNAV isn’t implemented in some of the Garmins, you must maintain a 3 degree glideslope descent even after you passed the FAF at the correct altitude fix.

Theoretically, passing the FAF at the alt fix should trigger the GS/GP capture (from White to Green in the Annunciator panel) and AP starts descending using the signal.

Practically speaking, it might be another .5 nm or so past the FAF before GS/GP kicks in. For approaches where the runway shares both an ILS and an RNAV approach, there is strong correlation between passing over the ILS Outer Marker (you can hear the custom beep) and the RNAV GP/GS activating. I’ve experimented where I have the ILS frequency dialed into NAV1 so that if RNAV doesn’t kick in for whatever reason, I can switch to NAV1 to pick up the ILS and pitch down as needed to get under the glideslope cone.

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Could you share what type of aircraft you are using? And what, if any, mods you have installed (only those mods relevant to your question).

And even better … any screenshots on how you execute your approach?

BTW. Just tried earlier EDDF 25C RNP Z with the FBW stable (via CHA and FAF REDGO at 4000ft, 707ft minimums). Although I initially thought it would not, the GS was captured fine (APP NAV appears in PFD) and without ILS (ie ILS frequency empty in the RAD NAV MCDU page). Instead of the diamond a magenta square appears the PFD. So I stand corrected to my initial statement above, at least for this mod.

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Thx. Very nicely summarized.

So that’s why the above mentioned EDDF 25C worked as it does not have any WP between FAF and MAP. … I wonder what LOWI from the West would be like?

I agree with this. I have found the ILS NAV1 approach both accurate and more fun to fly.