RNAV Approaches Not Working

I have never had any RNAV issues with TBM and WT-3000, I also use Navigraph data.

That’s the intent of G1000 NXi is to finally add new Procedure Legs including MA. All the work they did in the CJ4 is now inside the NXi plus new stuff.

Not all RNAV approaches have glideslopes (in the RW or sim). In FS, I’ve found that most RNAV approaches that are supposed to have them do (not all), and some that are not supposed to have them occasionally have them. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know if the installation by the encoders of GS for RNAV is done through the airport or runway or coded separately - regardless there are some errors for some approaches.

As some have noted, the WT g1000 and g3000 mods will capture and follow some of these RNAV glideslopes - though they are not functioning exactly as they should as compared to the RW, they are functioning and will give you some coupled guidance. Also, the recommendations to be at the proper FAF altitude and to begin a standard 3-degree descent is appropriate. I would also recommend that you switch the AP over to APR mode prior to that descent point.

Finally, I also highly recommend the pms50-GTN750 nav mods! They also do a great job of capturing existing glideslopes at some airports. I have used this mod in place of the g1000 in the C172, G36 and c208b.

RNAV approaches have been working fine for me for quite a few months flying the TBM 900 without any mods. I do use the Navigraph data… might have something to do with it.

I have rediscovered RNAV since a lot of smaller airports that don’t have ILS have it. It makes it nice using NaviGraph to set up an approach for an airport you are unfamiliar with.

I although I get repeatable GP locks I sometimes have to “feel around” for them by starting the descent to the runway while the RNAV gets itself together. I hit the FAF at the proper altitude per the chart, the GP doesn’t synch as consistently as the ILS GS does. As noted, the red diamond seems to want to sit at the bottom of the ribbon, come up close to the lock point, float around for a bit, and finally when you’ve resigned yourself to using pilot skills to land, will lock-in.

It probably needs some fine-tuning somewhere in the SW (IMHO)

That’s been a visual bug with RNAV since launch. To the best of my understanding, that diamond should behave the same as it does for ILS, but it doesn’t. Hopefully the WT G1000NXi and G3000 will finally address this once the new nav system is in the sim as of the 27th.

UUBL airport beacon, default cessna 172 (with gauges)

UUBL doesn’t have an RNAV procedure according to the NavData.

It has a co-located DME, but that won’t provide you with vertical guidance to termination.

Do you mean UUBI? Because that’s the nearest airport to UUBL with any vertical guidance - it has a Yankee and Zulu rated ILS.

Otherwise you’d have to head to Moscow or Nizhny Novogrod, or maybe Yaroslavl.


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That DME didn’t work (for me?), yes. Its listed in databases, but does not affect direction finders and radio equipment in any way, as if it does not exist at all :confused:

yes it is. My point was if you have done a great flight and you see the glideslope dropping but the GPS system doesnt pick it up then you can be annoyed and ditch the flight or, having programmed CRS and nav1 with localiser beforehand just in case, switch and perform a landing. That would be more satisfying than just ditching the landing. But it isnt a fix.

I’m still about 50/50 on these RNAV approaches. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Shot one yesterday into Brownwood, Texas, it didn’t work, never caught the GS. Shot one today into Georgetown, Texas, same thing. If it doesn’t have an ILS approach I’m in trouble.

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